The Top 15 Trader Joe’s Bakery Items You’ll Love, Ranked

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top 15 bakery items from Trader Joe’s that are sure to delight your taste buds and become instant favorites. Whether you’re a fan of sweet treats or savory delights, there’s something here for everyone to love.

15. Gluten-Free Madeleine Cookies $3.49/6.35 Oz

Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Madeleine Cookies are a luxurious treat that captures the essence of Parisian patisseries. Crafted with care by a bakery partner in France, these cookies boast a superb flavor and a captivatingly cake-like texture, making them stand out among gluten-free options. However, despite their exceptional taste and texture, these cookies may rank lower due to their specific appeal compared to other bakery items. Their niche as a gluten-free indulgence, while appreciated by those with dietary restrictions, may not resonate as widely with all consumers.

14. Garlic Indian Style Flatbread $3.99/18 Oz

Trader Joe’s Indian Style Flatbreads, specifically the Garlic variant, offer a fragrant and dense texture that enhances the eating experience. While they excel in flavor and texture, their specificity as naan breads may rank them lower due to limited versatility, primarily complementing Indian-style dishes or traditional bread pairings like soups and salads. Despite this, they are enjoyable straight from the package or warmed with butter, making them a great addition to an at-home Indian meal or a variety of non-Indian dishes.

13. Olive Fougasse $3.49/12 Oz

Trader Joe’s Olive Fougasse, inspired by traditional French baking, presents a delicious blend of flavors and textures. With its crisp crust, light interior, and generous olive slices, it offers a delightful eating experience. However, it may rank lower due to its specific appeal compared to other items. Its versatility as an accompaniment to various meals or as a standalone snack is commendable, yet its niche as a bread with olives may limit its widespread appeal. Nonetheless, its fetching design and easy serving make it a convenient option, whether enjoyed alone, with spreads, or as a sandwich base.

12. Gluten Free Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins $5.49/14 Oz

Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins redefine the notion of gluten-free baked goods, offering a delectable treat that rivals its gluten-containing counterparts. Infused with a blend of rice flour, tapioca starch, potato starch, and corn starch, these muffins boast a delightful texture and flavor profile, reminiscent of coffee cake. However, despite their delectable qualities, they rank lower on the list due to their niche appeal as gluten-free treats. While they make a perfect companion to morning coffee or tea, their specific dietary nature may limit their widespread popularity compared to more universally enjoyed bakery items.

11. Sea Salt Brownie Bites $2.99/6 Oz

Trader Joe’s Sea Salt Brownie Bites are a delightful combination of rich chocolatey goodness and savory sea salt. These bite-sized treats are wonderfully fudgy, studded with chocolate chips, and topped with a hint of salt to enhance the flavor profile. While they are perfect on their own, they are also delicious paired with Trader Joe’s Super Premium French Vanilla Ice Cream for a decadent dessert. However, they are ranked in the bottom half of the list due to their specific appeal and limited versatility compared to other bakery items.

10. Raspberry Croissant Carré $5.99/11.29 Oz

Trader Joe’s Raspberry Croissant Carré is a square-shaped marvel that brings the best of California baking expertise to your plate. Crafted with a classic laminated dough, this pastry delivers a flaky, buttery experience that rivals traditional croissants. What sets it apart is the indulgent tart raspberry filling, subtly sweetened and enhanced with a touch of lemon juice for a burst of fruitiness. Despite its impressive construction and delightful flavor profile, it ranks lower on the list due to its limited availability compared to other bakery items.

9. Brown Sugar Cardamom Buns $4.49/8.46 Oz

Trader Joe’s Brown Sugar Cardamom Buns are a hidden gem in the bakery aisle, showcasing the exotic warmth of cardamom in a delightful Danish pastry. Handcrafted in Denmark, these limited-edition buns feature a perfect blend of aromatic cardamom and rich brown sugar, creating a flavorful experience that stands out. However, their position in the middle of the list is due to their seasonal availability and niche appeal as a Scandinavian-inspired treat. While they offer a cozy and aromatic indulgence, their uniqueness may not resonate as widely as more mainstream bakery items.

8. Everything Ciabatta Rolls $2.49/14.1 Oz

Trader Joe’s Everything Ciabatta Rolls are a captivating culinary creation that brings the essence of a classic Ciabatta to your table in roll form. Crafted by a specialized kosher-certified bakery, these rolls boast a tender crumb with small air pockets, a moist interior, and a substantial crust, making each bite a delightful experience. What sets them apart is their generous topping of an “Everything” seasoning blend, comprising sea salt, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dried minced garlic, and dried minced onion, which adds a burst of savory flavors. While they are perfect for warming and serving alongside dinner or using as a base for creative sandwiches, their specificity as Everything Ciabatta Rolls may limit their broader appeal.

7. Chocolate Chip Pain Au Lait $3.49/9.9 Oz

Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chip Pain Au Lait elevates the classic Pain Au Lait to new heights with the addition of rich, dark chocolate chips throughout. These brioche-like rolls, translating to “Milk Bread,” exude a subtle sweetness and elegant texture that sets them apart. Their inclusion in the top half of the list is well-deserved, considering their versatile nature as a delightful breakfast option, a satisfying snack, or even a decadent dessert. Pairing beautifully with butter and jam, especially Trader Joe’s French Cultured Butter and Raspberry Preserves, they are perfect for dunking into your favorite hot beverage. Additionally, warming them and serving alongside a scoop of Trader Joe’s Organic Vanilla Fudge Chip Ice Cream creates an indulgent treat worth savoring.

6. Blueberry & Lemon Hand Pies $4.49/8.47 Oz

Trader Joe’s Blueberry & Lemon Hand Pies are a standout bakery item that earns its place in the higher ranks of the list. Bursting with fresh blueberry and sweet-tart sugared lemon, each bite is a delightful explosion of bold fruit flavors. What sets them apart is their expertly crafted all-butter crust, providing a buttery and flaky texture that complements the filling perfectly. Their handheld nature makes them a convenient option for picnics, lunches, or on-the-go indulgence. However, their ranking higher on the list is also attributed to their seasonal availability during spring, adding an element of exclusivity and anticipation. For those seeking an elevated experience, warming them up and pairing with whipped cream or ice cream creates a delectable treat worth savoring.

5. Cheddar Jalapeño Pull Apart Bread $4.99/12 Oz

Trader Joe’s Cheddar Jalapeño Pull Apart Bread earns its place as one of the top items on the list due to its ability to create a shared, magical dining experience. The concept of tearing and sharing this bread embodies the essence of togetherness, making it more than just a food item—it’s a catalyst for meaningful moments with loved ones. Crafted with a fluffy, focaccia-like dough generously adorned with shredded cheddar and sliced jalapeño peppers, this bread delivers a perfect balance of flavors and textures. Baking it at home transforms it into a warm, gooey, and satisfyingly crisp delight that enhances any meal. Whether served as an appetizer with a fun dipping sauce like Trader Joe’s Organic Ranch Dressing or as a spicy dinner roll, this bread is versatile and sure to please everyone at the table.

4. Hand Twisted Cinnamon Sugar Bread $4.99/16 Oz

Trader Joe’s Hand Twisted Cinnamon Sugar Bread earns its esteemed place among the top items on the list thanks to its irresistible charm and delectable qualities. This bread boasts a unique blend of fluffy texture and satisfying density, perfectly balanced with just the right amount of sweetness and a rich cinnamon flavor that’s truly exceptional. What sets it apart is the intricate hand-twisted technique, where each loaf is meticulously crafted from three distinct pieces of dough, each rolled in a heavenly blend of cinnamon and sugar before being masterfully intertwined. This artisanal approach ensures a delightful texture and an explosion of flavor with every bite. Whether toasted to perfection for a cozy treat or transformed into delectable French toast, this bread offers a versatile indulgence that’s suitable for any mealtime occasion. Its unsliced nature adds a touch of customization, allowing you to tailor each slice to your liking.

3. Organic Garlic Bread $3.99/12 Oz

Trader Joe’s Bake at Home Organic Garlic Bread earns its spot as a top item on the list due to its irresistible qualities and versatility. This hearty loaf, pre-sliced and seasoned with a savory garlic Parmesan spread, arrives in a vacuum-sealed bag to guarantee freshness. With just 15 minutes in the oven or on the grill, it transforms into a delightful treat with a captivatingly crisp crust, melty cheese spread, and aromatic garlic flavors. What sets it apart is its firm, chewy texture reminiscent of ciabatta bread, making it ideal for holding the garlic Parmesan spread and enhancing dishes like soups and pastas. Pair it with our Spaghetti Carbonara or Cajun Style Chicken Alfredo to experience its exceptional ability to complement and elevate flavors.

2. Everything Bagels $2.99/18 Oz

Trader Joe’s Everything Bagels rightfully claim their spot as a top item on the list due to their exceptional quality and versatile flavor profile. Crafted by skilled bagel bakers using premium ingredients, these bagels boast a perfect balance of doughy softness inside and a satisfying chewiness on the outside. What sets them apart is their “everything” topping, featuring a medley of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, onion, and salt, lending a robust and savory flavor to each bite. Whether enjoyed simply toasted with butter or cream cheese or taken to the next level with creative toppings like smoked salmon or Everything But the Bagel Seasoning, these bagels offer endless possibilities.

1. Danish Princess Pastry $4.99/12 Oz

Trader Joe’s Danish Princess Pastry claims the top spot on the list for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it offers a delectable solution for those who crave baked goods but prefer to avoid using the oven during warm weather. This pastry, made in Denmark, features a unique combination of tender pastry dough and a creamy, persipan-infused custard filling. Its rectangular shape makes it easy to slice and share, suitable for serving at breakfast buffets or as a dessert centerpiece. The well-balanced ratio of pastry to filling ensures a satisfying experience with every bite. Whether enjoyed straight out of the package or warmed for an extra indulgent treat, this Danish pairs perfectly with a strong cup of coffee, like Trader Joe’s French Roast, following the Danish tradition. With its exceptional flavor, versatility, and convenience, Trader Joe’s Danish Princess Pastry reigns supreme as a must-have bakery item.

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