Ceramic Pumpkin Candles and All the Halloween Decor Coming to Aldi

These ceramic pumpkin candles are coming to Aldi in three colors and scents!

Aldi has been rolling out tons of fall decor throughout the month of September! There have been wooden signs, welcome mats, fabric pumpkins, wreaths, and so much more!

And, as predicted, many members of our Aldi Aisle of Shame Facebook Community have been flocking to the store each week for the new releases.

But what if your holiday decorating preference is to do it up big for Halloween?

Well, this is your week! From bats to witches, there is something for every Halloween fan coming to Aldi for the week beginning Sept. 30 (Sept. 27 if your store has a Sunday ad switchover).

Let’s take a look at all the Halloween Decor coming to Aldi!

Huntington Home Decorative Yard Stakes – $3.99

aldi halloween yard stakes

There are four different shapes and styles of these stakes available. They stand 30 inches tall.

Huntington Home Ceramic Pumpkin Candles – $6.99

ceramic pumpkin candles

These 10-ounce candles are scented and filled with soy blend wax. They come in three scents and colors: Pumpkin & Salted Caramel (Orange), Roasted Pumpkin Marshmallow (White), and Pumpkin Plum Noir (Black).

Huntington Home Black Glitter Trees – $12.99

black glitter trees at aldi

If you need a little spooky forest vibe in your decor, these trees will do the trick. This price is for a pair of 18-tall twig trees.

Huntington Home Twig Wreath – $12.99

aldi halloween wreaths

These Halloween wreaths are adorned with your choice of bats or pumpkins, as well as black glitter. They are 18 inches in diameter.

Huntington Home Galvanized Lantern – $8.99

aldi halloween lantern

These metal lanterns stand 11 inches tall and include a battery-operated LED candle.

Huntington Home 2-Pack Skeletons – $4.99

aldi skeletons

These skeletons are being sold in pairs for less than $5! There are several different “couples.” These are 16 inches tall and have moveable joints so they can be posed.

prisoner skeletons

Huntington Home Bat 4-Foot Inflatable – $12.99

aldi bat inflatable

And that brings us to the six inflatables Aldi has available. All of these have LED lights and are self-inflating. They come with tethering ropes and stakes.

Huntington Home Cat 4-Foot Inflatable – $12.99

aldi halloween cat inflatable

Huntington Home Witch 4-Foot Inflatable – $12.99

aldi witch inflatable

Hunting Home Ghost 4-Foot Inflatable – $12.99

aldi ghost inflatable

Huntington Home Spider 4-Foot Inflatable – $12.99

halloween spider inflatable

Huntington Home Pumpkin 4-Foot Inflatable – $12.99

pumpkin inflatable

Do you go all out with Halloween decorating? What is on your shopping list?




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