Can You Get An Oil Change At Costco?

Costco is a membership-only warehouse club that offers a wide variety of merchandise, from groceries to electronics to home furnishings. However, the company also provides discounted automotive services to its members through the Costco Auto Program. But does this program include oil changes?

costco oil change

Costco doesn’t offer oil changes as part of its automotive services. However, it offers other maintenance services that your car needs through the Costco Auto Program. These services are available at participating centers at 15% off services and parts. While the Costco Auto Program is an excellent resource for discounts on car repairs and maintenance, the limitations on oil change services may be a dealbreaker.

Before 2016, the company offered oil changes at a discounted price for Costco members. Costco also discontinued other services, including tire and airbag replacements used in the program.

Why Did Costco Stop Doing Oil Changes?

Costco excluded oil changes from its parts, service, and accessories program because often oil changes are discounted from standard Service Center rates. It made no sense to offer discounts on already discounted services. From the Costco website, services that are already discounted are not eligible for parts, service, and accessories discounts.

Moreover, Costco’s business model focuses on selling merchandise in bulk at low prices rather than providing services. While this may be disappointing news for some customers, there are many other reasons to love Costco.

The company offers a wide variety of products and services at competitive prices. Plus, membership comes with many other benefits, like exclusive discounts and access to various products and services.

How Much Does An Oil Change Cost? 

The average cost of an oil change is between $35 and $75. The price varies depending on the type of oil used and the make and model of your vehicle. Synthetic oil costs $65 to $120 for an oil change. Consult your owner’s manual to determine what oil is best for your car and how often to change it.

When Costco introduced oil change services, the company charged $29.99 for a conventional oil change and $39.99 for a synthetic oil change. However, the company increased the price to $59.99. Contrary to popular opinion, the price was relatively lower than other service providers.

Where Else Can You Get Your Oil Changed?

There are many places where you can get your oil changed. Local service stations, auto shops, and even some gas stations offer this service. Commercial alternatives to Costco for oil changes include:

  • Jiffy Lube
  • Walmart
  • Midas
  • Meineke
  • Pep Boys

Changing oil at Jiffy Lube will cost you $39.99 t0 $99.99. At Walmart, the price is between $19.88 and $49.88. Midas charges $19.99 to $79.99, while Firestone oil change services start at $39.99. Pep Boys rounds out the list with an oil change price tag of $31.99 to $74.99.

Some companies include an oil change with other automotive services, while others charge a separate fee. Note that the oil change price may increase if you choose a higher quality oil. The type of vehicle and the complexity of the oil change may also affect the price.

You can also consult a trusted mechanic to get an oil change. Many mechanics offer this service at a lower price than commercial providers. If you have experience with automotive maintenance, you can also change the oil yourself.

Does Costco Sell Engine Oil? 

Costco sells a variety of engine oils, including synthetic and conventional motor oils. The two oil types available are Diesel and Full synthetic. The average price of diesel motor oil is $39.99. Those looking for full synthetic motor oil will have to pay an average of $38.99 to $46.99.

The engine oil prices vary depending on the type, brand, and quantity. For example, 2-5 Quart bottles of Kirkland Signature 0W-20 full synthetic motor oil cost $38.99 for a 2-pack. On the other hand, a 1-quart bottle of Mobil 1 high mileage full synthetic motor oil costs $41.99 for a 6-pack.

Costco sells Kirkland and Mobil 1 engine oils. Kirkland oil is a house brand, while Mobil 1 is a popular engine oil brand. Both products are high-quality and offer excellent value for money.

What Other Auto Services Does Costco Offer? 

Costco offers maintenance and repair services at Tire Centers. The only automotive services available at Costco include;

  • Tire installation
  • Repair
  • Upkeep

The services are available for all vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. These services are comprehensive and cover all aspects of tire maintenance. Customers get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Lifetime balancing
  • Mounting
  • Tire installation
  • New rubber valve
  • Road hazard warranty
  • Lifetime air pressure checks

These services are only available to members with Costco membership. For more information you can contact the Costco customer support through phone. The customer service is available on Monday through Friday from 6 a.m to 7 p.m PT and Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m to 5 p.m PT. For more information on Costco car buying, check out the FAQs section on the Auto Program.

What is Costco Auto Program? 

The Costco Auto Program is a service that provides Costco members with simplified car buying processes. The program negotiates pricing with more than 3000 authorized car dealers and presents prearranged fair pricing to its customers. Costco Auto Program’s main aim is to offer a smooth car car buying experience to all of its members. 

The customer service will answer all the questions and provide detailed information to members so they can make the right decision. You can compare vehicles, review safety information, get financing, go for road tests, etc. Essentially, the program is designed to help members save money on their vehicle purchases. You can also enjoy the convenience of buying a car from the comfort of your home.


Does Costco rotate tires?

Costco doesn’t change the oil. However, it offers other services such as nitrogen conversion, tire rotation, balance, and flat repair. The company also sells a wide range of tires for all vehicles. You can also get your car’s windows tinted at Costco.

Does Costco change oil filters? 

Costco doesn’t change oil filters. Changing oil filters is part of an oil change, and the company doesn’t offer this service. You can, however, buy oil filters from Costco for a discounted price, provided you are a member.

Are Costco auto services available only to Costco members? 

Costco auto services is a member-only service. You must have a Costco membership to enjoy the benefits. The comprehensive auto services are available at an affordable price, and you can also get discounts on new and used vehicles.

What automotive products does Costco sell?

Costco sells a wide range of automotive products, including tires, brakes, suspension, and engine parts. You can also buy oil filters and other car accessories from Costco. The company also provides a few services, such as tire installation and balancing.


Costco is a popular retailer that offers a wide range of products and services. The company doesn’t provide oil changes but sells high-quality motor oil at very competitive prices. You can also get your car’s tires rotated and balanced at Costco. The company also has a program that provides members with discounts on new and used vehicles.

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