Aldi is Selling Halloween Wines, But Hurry Because They’ll Go Fast

These Aldi Halloween Wines are so fun!

In case you haven’t noticed, plenty of fall items are hitting the shelves at Aldi right now. There’s lots of fall decor coming out, as well as food items with classic fall flavors like pumpkin and apple.

But it’s also beginning to look a lot like fall over in the Beer and Wine section of your local Aldi, that is if your Aldi sells alcohol.

The fall-ish flavor of Aldi’s Pacific Fruit Vineyards Wines — sweet apple — is appearing on shelves for the season, and we’re starting to see some different hard ciders and pumpkin beers.

And then, we noticed these Aldi Halloween Wines!

Aldi Halloween Wines

First off, let me say that these are due in stores the week of Sept. 9, and we are guessing they will sell out quickly — so don’t plan on bopping in Aldi to pick one up on your way to a Halloween Party Oct. 31. This is a plan-ahead situation, peeps! Plan. Ahead.

These wines are from Stella Rosa, which is not an Aldi company, but Aldi does regularly carry their wines. They are made with Italian grapes, and typically have some light carbonation to them, even if they are not labeled as “sparkling wine.”

Stella Rosa is known for its semi-sweet wines with big fruit flavors. The first Stella Rosa wine many people are introduced to is their sweet, sparkling Moscato d’Asti.

Let’s take a look at these Halloween wines! We should note here that these wines are produced by Stella Rosa at other times of the year — it is the labeling here that is limited edition for the season.

Stella Rosa Black Aldi Halloween Wine

First up is this Stella Rosa Black with a limited edition sugar skull label. This is a red blend that is part of Stella Rosa’s luxury wine collection. It is semi-sweet and has blackberry, blueberry and raspberry flavors and pairs well with foods with sturdier flavors — blue cheese, beef, dark chocolate.

Stella Rose Halloween WIne at Aldi

The Stella Rosa Red has a limited edition “Happy Stellaween” label. Stella Rosa Red is also a semi-sweet, red wine blend. It has a flavor profile that features strawberry and red plum. It’s going to pair well with poultry, berries and hard cheeses.

Aldi has not published a price for these special seasonal wines — the grocery chain actually does not publish prices for its alcohol specials, since local taxes and tariffs can change the price from market to market.

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