Unveiling Trader Joe’s New Fall Favorites & First Glimpse of Holiday Delights: A Comprehensive Grocery Haul and Review

Autumn’s cool embrace is upon us, and with it comes a harvest of new, seasonal delights from our beloved Trader Joe’s! As the leaves begin to fall, our shopping carts are filling up with both the familiar and the novel. From the fragrant allure of Halloween-themed lilies to the decadent caramel-chocolate-peanut-butter fuz balls, there’s a sensation for every palette. But that’s not all! We’re also getting our first peek at Trader Joe’s holiday arrivals, and let me tell you, the festive spirit is certainly in the air. Dive into this comprehensive grocery haul and review with me, and let’s discover together the flavors and scents that this season has to offer.

To organize our exploration, I’ve grouped our finds into categories

trader Joes fall

Flowers & Plants: Bloom into the season with fresh and vibrant picks.

Halloween night watch lilies – $9.99

Mini cend Divas – $4.99

Euphorbias – $6.99

Maragolds (large pot) – $6.99

Maragolds (bunch) – $3.99

Fruits & Vegetables: Nourish your body with nature’s bounties, both exotic and familiar.

Pomegranates – $2.99 each

Organic Roma and chory blend – $2.49

Peach halves – $4.79

Green pumpkins (or possibly artichokes) – Price not available

Delicata squash – Price not available

Organic lemons – Price not available

Organic shredded kale – Price not available

Organic micro greens – Price not available

Riced hearts of palm – Price not specifically mentioned, but noted as a bit pricey

Figs – Price not mentioned

Snacks & Chips: From savory to salty, there’s a snack for every craving.

Baked pizza flavored pillow crisps – Price not available

Thanksgiving stuffing seasoned kettle chips – Price not available

Cornbread crisps – $2.99

Nuts about Rosemary mix – Price not available

Butter toffee pretzels – $3.49

Trader Joe’s elote version corn chips – Price not available

Thanksgiving seasoned popcorn – Price not available

Dairy & Cheese: Delight in the rich and creamy offerings, perfect for pairing or enjoying on their own.

Organic protein (over a pound) – $14.99

Truffle Trove cheese – Price not available

Tuscano cheese (various flavors) – Price not available

White selton cheese with cranberries – $1.99 per pound

Drinks: Quench your thirst with refreshing sips, from sparkling beverages to unique coffee blends.

Sparkling white chardonnay grape juice – $3.99 a bottle

Sparkling limeade – $3.69

La Morena pea Berry small loot coffee from Guatemala – $10.99 a bag

Green juice – Price not available

Desserts & Sweets: Indulge in delectable treats that make every day feel like a special occasion.

Fuz balls (new flavor: caramel chocolate peanut butter) – Price not available

Milk chocolate coins of the world – Increased price to $1.99, previously mentioned as $49 and even $9 before that

Avent calendars – $1.29 each

Turkey walks into a pumpkin patch cookie kit – $7.99 per box

Trader Joe’s version of the Australian Tim tamam cookies – Price not available

Groceries: Essential picks to elevate your meals and culinary experiments.

Truffle ranch dressing – $6.99

Korean kup – Price not available

Overnight oats (Apple and Peanut Butter) – $1.99 each

Citrus juk bag – $3.99

Brined bone and half turkey breast – $9.99 per pound

Garlic and black pepper almonds – Price not available

Avocado ranch salad kits – Price not available

Tofu – Price not available

Thai wheat noodles – Price not available

Miscellaneous: A selection of items that add a special touch to the holiday season.

Holiday dog treats – Price not available

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