Trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps (Are They Any Good?)

A popular specialty item making the rounds at Trader Joe’s is the jicama wrap, which is a tasty alternative to flour or corn tortillas for wraps or burritos.

Does Trader Joe’s Have Jicama Wraps?

Yes, Trader Joe’s offers jicama wraps. Trader Joe’s jicama wraps provide a tasty alternative for individuals who enjoy a low-carb lifestyle. 



What Section Are Jicama Wraps in Trader Joe’s?

Jicama wraps are in the fresh fruit section of Trader Joe’s. The wraps must be kept refrigerated, so check where the cut fruits are stored. The area with cut fruits and jicama wraps is between the produce and cheese sections in most stores.

How Much Are Jicama Wraps at Trader Joe’s?

For one package of jicama wraps, the cost is $4.49. Each package contains about eight ounces of thinly sliced jicama, which is enough for a taco night for two people. If you’re planning a party, consider purchasing more than one package of jicama wraps.

How Do You Use Trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps?

The jicama wraps are thinly sliced pieces of jicama, so you can eat the wraps by themselves if you want. Most commonly, home cooks use jicama wraps to make tacos.

Trader Joe’s jicama wraps can work for taco shells or sandwich wraps, and the wraps are an excellent option for quesadillas or the base for a dessert. Jicama has a slightly sweet and nutty flavor which lends itself to both sweet and savory dishes.

In addition to tacos, home cooks can use jicama wraps with deli meat and cheese to make wraps for lunch. Trader Joe’s jicama wraps are perfect for your children’s lunch boxes! Ham and jicama wraps are a tasty and filling treat.

Jicama pairs well with acidic fruits like limes, lemons, and oranges. Other flavors complementing jicama include ground red pepper, green chilies, and hot pepper sauce. Jicama naturally fits Mexican dishes, like tacos, enchiladas, and burritos.

Are You Supposed to Heat Them Up?

While you can heat these jicama wraps, many home cooks rely on personal preference for heating jicama. If you are going to warm jicama wraps, then either microwave for a couple of minutes, steam them in a double boiler on the stovetop or heat the wraps in a skillet.

Additionally, warm fillings can warm the wraps without separately heating the jicama. If you add freshly prepared shredded chicken into a wrap to make a taco, the chicken will warm the wrap naturally. On the other hand, if you are serving jicama with a cold filling, it is perfectly acceptable to keep the jicama wrap chilled.

Do You Cook Jicama Wraps?

Jicama wraps can be enjoyed directly out of the package or used in recipes that require cooking. For instance, jicama wrap enchiladas are prepared by filling and rolling the wrap then placing the filled wrap in an oven-safe dish.

Are Trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps Refrigerated?

Yes, Trader Joe’s jicama wraps are refrigerated at the store and should be stored in a refrigerator once purchased. Sliced jicama will last about a week in the refrigerator. Notably, sliced jicama will not turn brown or discolored like other fruits do when cut.

Can You Freeze the Jicama Wraps From Trader Joe’s?

Yes, you can store jicama wraps from Trader Joe’s in the freezer for four to six months. If you plan to freeze your jicama wraps, then consider briefly pan-frying the wraps before freezing to reduce texture changes when thawed. When you are ready to use the frozen wraps, simply thaw them, and heat them to your desired preference.

Can You Fry Trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps?

Jicama can be fried, but thicker cuts of jicama that are the size of a French fry are better for frying than these thinly sliced wraps. Some home cooks fill the wrap, then fry the entire taco or enchilada. Experiential cooks have even tried making spring rolls or egg rolls from the wrap, which require frying.

If you are considering frying your Trader Joe’s jicama wrap, pan-frying is often more successful for the thin wrap than using a deep fryer. Also, air frying your jicama is a trendy and tasty way to prepare your food.

Can You Warm Them in a Microwave?

A microwave is a great tool to warm a jicama wrap. Consider covering your jicama wraps in a damp cloth to ensure that the wraps do not lose moisture. Another tip when using a microwave to heat a jicama wrap is to only heat in thirty-second increments, so the wrap does not become overheated, dry, and inedible.

What Are the Ingredients in Trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps?

The only ingredient in Trader Joe’s jicama wraps is jicama. Notably, this product is both gluten-free and vegan, so it is perfect for a variety of diets.

Trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps Nutrition Facts

The serving size for Trader Joe’s jicama wraps is two wraps, which equals about fifteen calories.

Total Fat 0g 0%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Trans Fat 0g 0%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 0mg 1%
Total Carbohydrates 3g 7%
Fiber 2g
Sugar Less than 1g
Protein 0g
Vitamin D 0 mcg 0%
Calcium 0 mg 0%
Iron 0.2 mg 2%
Potassium 50 mg 2%

What Do the Trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps Taste Like?

Trader Joe’s jicama wraps taste most like a radish, but without the spice of a radish. Generally, jicama wraps have a mild, slightly nutty flavor that makes them ideal for filling or covering with more flavorful and spicy ingredients. The jicama wrap’s soft flavor is very much akin to that of a corn or flour tortilla, which is why jicama wraps are most often used as a low-carb alternative to a tortilla.

How Long do Trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps Last?

If properly stored in a refrigerator after opening, Trader Joe’s jicama wraps last for about seven days. Notably, jicama wraps do not turn brown the same way cut apples do, so within that week, each wrap will appear freshly cut.

Are Trader Joe’s Jicama Wraps Good?

Trader Joe’s jicama wraps are delicious! The wraps are good on their own, with a bit of spice or hot sauce or used in various recipes. Most often, jicama wraps are used as the base for tacos with fillings like al pastor pork, shredded chicken, and seasoned ground beef.


After hearing about what these wraps taste like and how to use them when cooking, you may still have questions. Here are a few more quick answers about this unique product.

Are Trader Joe’s jicama wraps raw?

Yes, Trader Joe’s jicama wraps are raw. The only ingredient is jicama which has been thinly sliced then packaged for sale.

Are Trader Joe’s jicama wraps Keto?

Yes, Trader Joe’s jicama wraps Keto. A keto diet focuses on a low carbohydrate diet, and jicama wraps have only three grams, which is much lower than a traditional flour or corn tortilla.

Are Trader Joe’s jicama wraps Kosher?

Yes, Trader Joe’s jicama wraps are Kosher. Kosher foods are defined by Jewish dietary law, and jicama is not a prohibited item. Therefore, since the wraps only include thin, sliced jicama, the inclusion of the jicama wraps in a Kosher meal is acceptable.

Are Trader Joe’s jicama wraps slimy?

No, Trader Joe’s jicama wraps are not slimy, and if your wrap does appear to have a film or feel slimy, it is likely that the wraps have expired. A jicama wrap will have some excess water, which can make the wrap feel slippery; however, simply press the wrap between two paper towels to decrease the water content before eating raw or warming to use in a recipe.

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