Trader Joe’s Organic Pea Protein Powder Discontinued (w/ Alternatives)

With the recent trend toward healthy living, weight lifting, and proper diet, the internet is astir with questions about Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Organic Pea Protein Powder.

Who makes Trader Joe’s Pea Protein Powder? Where is Trader Joe’s Pea Protein Powder from? Is Trader Joe’s Pea Protein Powder gluten free?

If you’re asking these questions, then I’m here to help you out. But unfortunately, I have to be the bearer of bad news…

Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Organic Pea Protein Powder

Farewell To Trader Joe’s Protein Powder

Much to the dismay of vegan shoppers, Trader Joe’s Organic Pea Protein Powder was officially discontinued in Spring 2022. Unfortunately, TJ’s has not yet reintroduced a vegan protein powder alternative.

In fact, Trader Joe’s has discontinued all of their store-brand protein powders in recent years. They used to carry pea protein, soy protein, and whey protein all under the Trader Joe’s label, but you’ll no longer find any of these products on the shelves at Trader Joe’s.

Designer Wellness Protein Powders

Instead of selling their own store-brand protein powders, Trader Joe’s stocks protein powders from a company called Designer Wellness. 

But vegan and lactose-intolerant shoppers won’t be appeased by this information considering that all of the Designer Wellness Protein Powders contain whey, which is a byproduct of dairy milk. In other words, these products are far from vegan.

Back in June, we did a deep dive into Trader Joe’s protein powder offerings, so you can find that here. While the information on the TJ’s brand products is now outdated, all of the information for the Designer Wellness products is still accurate.

Trader Joe’s Protein Powder

Vegan Protein Powder Alternatives

As of December 2022, Trader Joe’s does not currently stock any vegan or dairy-free protein powders. However, considering the rise in popularity of protein powders in recent months, it’s very possible that TJ’s will introduce a new line of plant-based protein powders soon. (One can only hope!)

In hopes of getting access to TJ’s discontinued Pea Protein Powder, some TJ’s shoppers have tried figuring out who produced the product to begin with. Unfortunately, no one has been able to track down a source for TJ’s Pea Protein Powder, but a couple of shoppers have suggested some alternative products.

Orgain Vegan Protein Powders

Orgain makes a popular vegan protein powder that comes in three flavors–chocolate, vanilla, or peanut butter. This protein powder is made primarily from pea protein and retails for about $15 per pound. If you’re a Costco member, you can often find great deals on this protein powder brand at Costco.

Just be aware that Orgain sweetens their protein powders with stevia, which gives it an unfortunate artificially sweet flavor. I like mixing mine with bananas, raspberries, coconut milk, and unsweetened peanut butter to make an appropriately sweet smoothie that doesn’t taste overly artificial.

Ascent Vegan Protein Powders

Other shoppers have suggested trying the Plant-Based Protein Powder from a company called Ascent, but this one is quite a bit more expensive at over $40 for a 25-gram bag. This one is also pea-protein based like the old TJ’s product.

Trader Joe’s offered their Pea Protein Powder for just $13.99 for a 16-oz container, so if you’re looking for a match in price, you’re better off opting for the Orgain products.


Even though it’s been over six months since TJ’s first discontinued their Organic Pea Protein Powders, the internet is still reeling from this loss. In fact, some online sources seem to have never gotten the memo, so there’s quite a bit of inaccurate information floating around at the moment. But take it from me–you’re not going to find any pea protein powder on the shelves at Trader Joe’s in 2022. Instead, keep an eye out for a potential new line of vegan protein powders from Trader Joe’s in 2023 or beyond. With so many people incorporating protein powder into their diets these days, I will be surprised if Trader Joe’s doesn’t release a new line of vegan protein powders soon.

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