Gift Card Buying Guide at Kroger (In-Store + Online)

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The COVID-19 pandemic changed consumer behavior over the past two years. In 2020, the online purchase of gift cards doubled and has been on an upward trajectory since. According to the global gift card survey, the gift card industry is expected to grow by 9.5% annually.

Kroger is one of the top USA retail stores that stock gift cards. This guide takes an in-depth look into Kroger gift cards and how to use them.

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Does Kroger Sell Gift Cards in 2022?

Yes, Kroger sells gift cards for every occasion, be it a graduation, birth of a newborn, birthday, or a new job.


Where Can You Get Kroger Gift Cards?

Kroger gift cards are available both physically and online.

Can you buy Kroger gift cards in their stores?

Yes, visit a Kroger store near you for a wide variety of gift cards.

You also earn fuel points to your Shopper’s Card with every gift card purchase at Kroger.

Can you buy a Kroger gift card online?

Yes, anyone can buy a Kroger gift card on their online store and have it delivered to their location.

Can you Send a Kroger E-gift Card?


Once you buy the Kroger e-gift card from your favorite brand, input the recipient’s name and email address. Use their legal name and confirm that the email address is correct.

Next, add a personalized message to the recipient if you like. Most e-gift cards will give you up to 250 characters for the message and 22 for your name.

The next option is to schedule a delivery. You can select a future date if the recipient has a birthday coming up later. Confirm the information is correct, proceed to checkout. Enter the billing details and complete the order.

The recipient will receive their e-gift card in their inbox and use the code provided to purchase whatever they desire.

Do Other Stores Sell Kroger Gift Cards?

No, you can only buy Kroger gift cards from its stores or online.

What Gift Cards Are Sold in Kroger?

Kroger has numerous types of gift cards at their stores. These include:

  • Giving Good gift Cards.
  • Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards,
  • Clothing Gift Cards.
  • Shopping Gift Cards.
  • Value Gift Cards.
  • Physical Gift Cards.
  • Entertainment Gift Cards.
  • Vacation Gift Cards.
  • Hotel Gift Cards.
  • Travel Gift Cards.
  • Pet Gift Cards.
  • Kids & Baby Gift Cards.
  • Women Gift Cards.
  • Men Gift Cards.
  • Prepaid Phone Gift Cards.
  • Home Gift Cards.
  • Happy Gift Cards.
  • Music & Technology Gift Cards.
  • eGift Cards.
  • Video Games Gift Cards.
  • Store Gift Cards.

Kroger gift cards are perfect for any budget. They range from $10 to $250.

Where Can You Use Kroger Gift Cards?

The following stores accept Kroger gift cards as prepayment for food and fuel.

  • Kroger.
  • Baker’s.
  • Fred Meyer.
  • Fred Meyer Jewelers.
  • Fry’s Food and Drug.
  • JayC.
  • Mariano’s
  • Littman Jewelers.
  • King Soopers.
  • Metro Market.
  • QFC.
  • Pay Less Supermarkets.
  • Ralphs.
  • Pick ‘n Save.
  • Smith’s Food and Drug.
  • Gerbes.
  • Food 4 Less.
  • City Market.
  • Barclay Jewelers.

You cannot redeem for Kroger Family of Companies’ pickup, delivery, or ship purchases.

Kroger Co Family of Companies e-gift cards are only redeemable in stores, excluding fuel centers, fuel kiosks, and Kroger services. You cannot redeem the e-gift card at Fred Meyer Jewelers and Littman Jeweler Stores.

Kroger Co Family of Companies physical gift cards can also be used in gas stations but are not eligible for 2X or 4X fuel rewards.

How To Activate Your Kroger Gift Card

You can activate your gift card in stores. Additional methods include;

Online activations;

  • Go to
  • Input your gift card UPC. It is the 11 or 12 digit number at the back of the card.
  • Next, enter the barcode number.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Enter the billing details.
  • Once done, confirm activation. You will receive an email to verify that the gift card is active and ready to use.

You can also activate your gift card by calling customer support at 1-844-600-7765.

How To Use Your Kroger Gift Cards

You can use your Kroger gift cards in stores. Once you are done shopping, give the card to your cashier, and they will scan it or type the card number. You will get a receipt for the purchase.

If your purchase is online, type in the gift card number onto the shopping cart payment option, and you will be good to go.

Once you purchase a gift card, it is not refundable. Also, If the card is damaged, lost, or stolen, it cannot be replaced or reloaded.

Kroger gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash unless allowed by law.

How To Check Gift Card Balance

There are several ways you can check your gift card balance;

  • Your balance will be printed on your sales receipt after purchase.
  • You can ask a cashier to check the balance at the store.
  • Call 1-866-822-6252 and follow the instructions to get your balance.
  • You can also check your Kroger gift card balance online. Go to the Kroger gift cards website and click on ‘Check Your Balance.’ Next, type in the gift card number and PIN to see the remaining balance.

However, if the gift card belongs to another brand, the process will differ.

  • Go to the brand’s website and click on the gift card tab. Here, you will see your gift card balance.
  • You can also call the number on the gift card. All gift cards have terms and conditions at the back of their cards.
  • The last option is to go to their store. You can request the cashier to check the balance for you.

Can you Use a Kroger Gift Card on Instacart?

Yes, you can use your Kroger card on Instacart.

Go to the Instacart website and choose Kroger as your preferred store.

Add your Kroger gift card at checkout. You can do this in two ways: go to the checkout page and select ‘Add gift card’ or select ‘Add promo or gift card’ above the ‘Place Order’ tab. Once done, enter the gift card code sent to your email and select Continue.

Do Kroger Gift Cards Expire?

Unlike regular gift cards with a five-year expiration date, Kroger gift cards are treated like cash and do not expire.


Where can I find a Kroger gift card number?

The gift card number is located at the back of the card under the silver scratch-off panel.

Can you use Kroger gift cards for gas?

Yes, you can use your Kroger gift cards for gas at Kroger Family Fuel Centers and selected Shell stations.

However, they are not eligible for 2X and 4X fuel rewards.

Note that you cannot use Kroger e-gift cards for gas.

Can you exchange gift cards with cash at Kroger?

No, you cannot exchange your Kroger gift card for cash, except where the law allows it.

Can you buy a Kroger gift card with PayPal?

Yes, Kroger accepts Paypal for gift card purchases made in stores or online.

Does Kroger sell Amazon gift cards?

Yes, Kroger sells Amazon gift cards from $25-$500.

An additional $0.10 pick-up fee is incurred when you buy it online. However, there are no fees when you buy it in stores.

Can you buy IKEA gift cards at Kroger?

Yes, you can buy your IKEA gift card at Kroger participating store locations. Confirm with your local Kroger store to find out if it sells IKEA gift cards.

Does Kroger deliver gift cards?

Yes, Kroger will deliver gift cards to your location based on two options:2-4 business days or 5-10 business days.

The delivery charges will vary based on the option selected and the number of cards ordered.


Gift cards have revolutionized gifting and made life easier. Kroger gift cards are a must-try if you plan to surprise the special people in your life. They are convenient, flexible, and do not expire; a definite win!

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