Does Trader Joe’s Sell Flowers? (Types + Costs)

Trader Joe’s is an American chain of grocery stores that sells everything from cheese to salsa, ready-to-eat packaged meals, and more at low prices. But does the store sell flowers?

Yes, Trader Joe’s does sell flowers. In fact, as you enter the premises, you should see a range of flowers (orchids, roses, tulips etc.) available as well as a few other plants to fill your home or workspace. They start from $3.99.

In this guide, you’ll get an insightful view of Trader Joe’s flower selection, whether you’re looking for everyday flowers for the home to signature bouquets for that special someone. From prices to how often the place restocks its flowers, you’ll find everything you need to know here when shopping at Trader Joe’s.

This grocery establishment is really a treasure trove for everything! Despite it being a grocery store, you’ll often find flowers or even a flower shop within your local store. The store sells a range of flowers to suit everyone’s tastes.

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What Types of Flowers Does Trader Joe’s Sell?

So, what types of flowers will you typically find when heading into your nearest one? You’ll find a variety of flower types at the store. Of course, there are some flowers that will be in season and available at certain times only. Some of the common flowers found at the store are:

  • Orchids!
  • Ranunculus
  • Peonies
  • Tulips
  • Hydrangea
  • Bells Of Ireland
  • Freesia
  • Gerbera Daisies
  • Roses
  • Stock
  • Lisianthus
  • Dahlias
  • Blooming Branches
  • Berries.

Trader Joe’s gets fresh blooms sent to their stores every day of the week. You’ll find a range of cut flowers available to pick from.

Dried flowers are often available depending on what store you go to and what has been delivered on that day. Dried lavender is often found in-store as well as edible flowers that are good for snacks or cake decorating. They don’t sell seeds for flowers, though, which is worth noting.

As seasons come and go, this influences what you’ll find in-store. The seasonal flowers available are often Peonies in the spring and Chrysanthemums in the fall. You may also find Fresh Eucalyptus and Daffodils too. There’s always a good mix every time you head into the store.

For bulk flowers, you’ll find that a flower specialist at Trader Joe’s will be able to provide you with assistance for this request. However, this would need to be done in advance! There are singular blooms that you can get too.

How Much Are the Flowers At Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s fresh flowers are extremely affordable, and it’s why many choose to buy flowers from this store rather than any other flower shop alternative.

The price ranges from around $3.99 and can go up to $50 and over. Here are a few flower examples and the prices you’d expect to pay.

  • Bunch of Spray Roses – $4.99
  • Tulips (bunch of 20) – $9.99
  • Bunch of Green Hydrangeas – $6.99
  • Bunch of Silver Dollar Eucalyptus – $3.99.

As you can see, for a fair volume of flowers, you can get a lot of value for your money from just these few examples. Individual flowers can cost a lot less in comparison to buying a bouquet.

But why are these prices so low? Well, according to the company, they source and buy their flowers in large volumes, directly from the growers. Not only does that cut out any middle person, but it also strikes some good deals that the customers benefit from.

Where Do Trader Joe’s Flowers Come From?

Trader Joe’s works with floral wholesalers across the entire country. That does require a lot of logistical detail to ensure the right volume of flowers and a variety is delivered to every single store, every single day.

They are one of the only retailers to do this, and they’ve helped many suppliers, both locally and nationally, to stay in business, even during the pandemic.

When Does Trader Joe’s Restock Flowers?

Trader Joe’s restocks its flowers every day, so it’s worthwhile popping down to your local store just before they open to get fresh flowers. By arriving there first, it gives you the best pick of the blooms available.

What happens with the old flowers at the end of the day? These flowers are often picked up by local charity organizations, and day-old flowers are donated by the store to be handed out or given away to those who require them most.

Can You Order Flowers At Trader Joe’s?

When buying flowers from Trader Joe’s, you can work with an employee/flower specialist at the store to help order the flowers that you want. However, this often depends on the availability and whether that store has the capacity to make so many custom orders on behalf of its customers.

With Trader Joe’s flower selection, it’s often influenced by the season too. You’ll find most Trader Joe’s will stock their flowers at the front of the store.

How to Order Flowers At Trader Joe’s

To make an order for flowers at Trader Joe’s, you’ll need to find the person responsible for ordering the flowers to the store. Again, the opportunity to do this will depend on the availability of orders and what flowers are in season.

Does Trader Joe’s Deliver Flowers?

For bouquets or singular blooms, flowers ordered from Trader Joe’s will deliver to the store itself. You can’t get them delivered directly to your door. However, having them delivered in-store is a great personal service that’s available already.

Are Trader Joe’s Flowers Good?

Trader Joe’s flowers are some of the best, according to customers. For grocery store flowers, they have received plenty of positive reviews in the past from customers online and offline. Here are just a few mentions of Trader Joe’s selection online:

Flowers were reasonable also, compared to Sam’s Club, that we just came from. – Trust Pilot 01/23/2022

The price and quality of the flowers are superb. Each bouquet comes with a flower food packet and on the wall, you can take a plastic sleeve to put your bouquets in. – Yelp 10/31/2019

The best flowers you can buy at the store are usually roses, tulips, hydrangeas, and freesia. In comparison to other grocery stores that sell flowers, Aldi’s usually a good choice, too, as they tend to last a few days or more depending on the type of flower. However, they may not be as fresh as the ones from Trader Joe’s.

Tips for Shopping for Flowers at Trader Joe’s

When shopping for flowers at Trader Joe’s, it’s good to know the best tips for finding the best bunch available. Whether you want a single bunch or a bouquet, here are some things worth knowing.

Shop early doors

You’re never going to miss out when they deliver every week and on every day of the year. However, to get the best picks, we’d recommend you go early. When you go early, you’ll find you get the best bunch.

Ensure you have the right vase

The size vase you have needs to be able to fit the flowers you’re buying. If you haven’t got a vase big enough, make sure you buy the vase first!

Buy a few bunches when flower arranging

It’s worth buying a few different bunches for flower arranging purposes, especially as some of them will go very nicely together.

Go in with a budget

It’s good to always go in with a budget on how much you want to spend on flowers; otherwise, it can easily get out of hand. There’s just so much good value for money with Trader Joe’s flower selection.


Does Trader Joe’s Do Flower Arrangements?

They don’t offer flower arrangements, but that doesn’t mean you can do it yourself! If not, then there are plenty of specialist flower shops out there that will be able to help with custom flower arranging.

Are Trader Joe’s Flowers Organic?

Not all of the store’s flowers will be organic. There are some that will be verified by Veriflora, so it’s worth looking out for this when observing the bouquets available. Those labeled by Veriflora will be organic.

Are Trader Joe’s Flowers Pesticide-Free?

Like their organic range, there may not always be flowers that are pesticide-free. Again, it’s worth checking the labels to see if they’ve been labeled by Veriflora.

Are Trader Joe’s Flowers Sustainable?

Many of the bouquets delivered to the stores have been locally sourced, and they actively engage with organizations like Veriflora, who help find more organic and sustainably sourced flowers.

Does Trader Joe’s Have Flowers in Vases?

Occasionally, you may find flowers that come with the vase at the stores, but this might not be as common as flowers that are simply bunched up and displayed in tubs of water to keep them fresh.

Does Trader Joe’s Do Wedding Flowers?

Trader Joe’s has a wonderful selection of wedding flowers, and as such, you could easily make up your own wedding flowers from the options available.

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