10 Charming Trader Joe’s Blooms and Planters for Your Valentine

Dozen Roses Assorted Colors $14.99/1 Each

Dozen Roses Assorted Colors

Dozen Red Roses $14.99/1 Each

Dozen Red Roses

Daffodils, 10 stems $1.99/1 Each

Trader Joe's Daffodils

Phalaenopsis Orchid, Assorted Colors

Trader Joe's Phalaenopsis Orchid

Seasonal Bouquet, Large

Trader Joe's Seasonal Bouquet, Lg

Peonies – 5 Stems $9.99/1 Each

Peony 5 Stems

Dozen Red Roses $9.99/1 Each

Trader Joe's Dozen Red Roses

Hydrangea 3-stem $5.99/1 Each

Trader Joe's Hydrangea 3-stem

Peony Tulips Bunch $8.99/1 Each

Trader Joe's Peony Flowers

Jumbo Love Mixed Bouquet

Trader Joe's Love Mixed Bouquets


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