What Types of Prosecco Does Trader Joe’s Carry?

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If you’re a fan of sparkling wines, then you probably already know that prosecco is one of the most popular sparkling white wines on the market. Similar to champagne, prosecco is often very effervescent and sweet.

Not only does Trader Joe’s carry prosecco… they carry about six different varieties. From the recognizable LaMarca Prosecco to several varieties of prosecco rosé, Trader Joe’s has all of your summer bubbly needs covered.

Trader Joe’s Prosecco

Who Makes Trader Joe’s Sparkling Wines?

Trader Joe’s sells sparkling wines from a bunch of different wineries and wine distributors across the globe.

Their prosecco varieties are produced by the following companies:

  • Ca’Belli
  • Cecilia Berretta
  • LaMarca
  • Villa Antica

Types of Proseccos at Trader Joe’s

As of 2022, Trader Joe’s carries the following varieties of prosecco:

1) Villa Antica Asolo Prosecco Superiore 

Described as a “crisp and elegant sparkling wine” from Northern Italy, Villa Antica’s Asolo Prosecco is an authentic prosecco that pairs perfectly with anything from orange juice to fancy cheese.

2) Cecilia Beretta Prosecco Rosé

This unique prosecco is made from a blend of authentic Northern Italian prosecco, rosé, and pinot noir. Trader Joe’s calls it “floral, fruity, and undeniably refreshing.”

3) Ca’Belli Prosecco Rosé

Carrying fruity aromas of cherries and berries, CaBelli’s Prosecco Rosé is perfect for anyone who loves fruity wine!

4) Ca’Belli Prosecco

Ca’Belli’s straightforward prosecco is described as “extra dry,” which is great for those of us who can’t handle overly sweet wines. Perfectly bubbly and tangy with just a hint of sweetness, this is an impressively affordable and understated prosecco for summer.

5) LaMarca Prosecco

Fruity without being overly sweet, LaMarca Prosecco is a standby for sparkling white wines for many people. Carrying hints of apple, peach, and honeysuckle, this prosecco is flavorful and sweet without leaving you with a sugar rush.

6) Incanto Prosecco

Currently listed as “not available” on the Trader Joe’s website, it’s not clear whether TJ’s limited Incanto Prosecco will be back any time soon. But if we’re lucky, this bold and elegant prosecco will be back in time for the holidays. TJ’s Incanto Prosecco is their most highly rated prosecco offering.

How Much is Trader Joe’s Prosecco?

Here’s a chart of the prices currently listed for each of Trader Joe’s Prosecco varieties.

Type Price
Villa Antica Asolo Prosecco Superiore  $7.99
Cecilia Beretta Prosecco Rosé $10.99
Ca’Belli Prosecco Rosé $8.99
Ca’Belli Prosecco $7.99
LaMarca Prosecco $14.99
Incanto Prosecco price unavailable

As you can see here, while the prices range from $7.99 to $14.99, all of the prosecco varieties at Trader Joe’s sell for under $15. Just remember that taxes could add as much as 20% to the price depending on where you live.

Best Prosecco at Trader Joe’s

Taste in wine is totally unique to each person, so choosing the best prosecco at Trader Joe’s all comes down to preference.

Here are some ideas based on what you might be looking for.

Best TJ’s Prosecco if you love fruity wine: The Ca’Belli Prosecco Rosé is undeniably the fruitiest prosecco available at TJ’s, so if this is your thing, you’re bound to love it!

Best TJ’s Prosecco if you prefer something dry: The best (and only) truly dry prosecco available at TJ’s in 2022 is their Ca’Belli Prosecco. If you want to enjoy a glass of sparkling wine without feeling like you just ate dessert, this should be your top pick.

Best TJ’s Prosecco if you’re trying to save a buck: With solid reviews across the board and a price tag of only $7.99, Trader Joe’s Ca’Belli Prosecco is definitely the best prosecco at TJ’s available under $8.

So, Is Trader Joe’s prosecco good?

Overall, the prosecco available at Trader Joe’s falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to wine quality. And this is reflected in the way customers review these wines.

One of the most commercially popular prosecco varieties available at Trader Joe’s, LaMarca Prosecco has gotten generally positive reviews from users on wine.com, with an average rating of 4.2 stars.

Trader Joe’s Prosecco Review

Despite being the only prosecco not available at TJ’s at the moment, their Incanto Prosecco has gotten amazing reviews from users on traderjoesreviews.com

Finally, we’ll look at the Cecilia Beretta Prosecco Rosé which has gotten passable, though not amazing, reviews from users on vivino.com.


Trader Joe’s offers a decent variety of proseccos, from rosé to dry options. If you’re looking for an inexpensive place to stock up on sparkling wine for your summer wine cooler, then Trader Joe’s is definitely the place to go.

That said, the prosecco varieties they have available right now are fairly middle-of-the-road when it comes to customer reviews, with the LaMarca Prosecco coming out on top.

They’re not the most amazing prosecco offerings in the world, but what do you expect for a collection under $15 per bottle? If you’re not a wine snob, go for it!

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