Trader Joe’s Boba Ice Cream (Coconut Non-Dairy Dessert)

Trader Joe’s never ceases to amaze its customers with its wide variety of products. There are always new products to be tried out, with the classic ones still capturing fans’ hearts.

One item that has become very popular is Trader Joe’s Boba Ice Cream. If the day is too hot and you need something to cool down, this dessert is the one to go for.

However, let us warn you that you may find it sold out as people do not let it sit in the store for too long.

So, what is this Boba Ice Cream, and why has it become so popular? Let’s find out.


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Technically, Trader Joe’s refers to Boba ice cream as a “coconut non-dairy dessert” and not ice cream. This is because ice cream is made with cream, while the Cold Brew Coffee Boba Ice Cream has a coconut non-dairy base.

Frozen dessert and boba seem like an odd pair, but you will be surprised at how good this ice cream is! It tastes and looks like ice cream, is pretty delicious, and is a win for vegans.

Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Ice Cream is one of the store’s original products. However, the store is tight-lipped on who manufactures their ice cream.

The Cold Brew Coffee Boba Ice Cream retails for $4.49 per 16 Oz and has two to three servings per pint.

You can find it at their stores in the frozen dessert section, but note that they sell out quickly. They are also available online; however, the store does not have delivery or curbside pickup service. You can instead use their website to come up with a shopping list.

Trader Joe’s Boba Ice Cream Ingredients

Trader Joe’s Boba Ice Cream has a smooth and rich coconut milk base but does not taste like coconut. You will, however, taste the cold brew coffee from Thai-grown Arabica coffee beans. Note that since it is not merely coffee flavored but has real coffee, it will keep you awake due to caffeine.

The Tapioca Pearls are soft and chewy and usually found in specialty tea & coffee shops.

Trader Joe’s Boba Ice Cream is vegan as it does not contain dairy. It is therefore perfect for vegans.

Below are the ingredients:

Coconut milk, sugar, water, tapioca pearls (water, glucose syrup, modified tapioca starch, powdered sugar, glycerin, shortening, rice bran oil shortening, caramel color), dextrose, ground coffee beans, maltodextrin, guar gum, sea salt, carob bean gum, monoglycerides and diglycerides of fatty acids.

Trader Joe’s Coffee Boba Ice Cream Nutrition Facts

Each serving contains 230 calories; hence, you get 690 calories with three servings.

Below are the nutritional facts:


It is not a healthy food as it is high in saturated fat and sugars. The ice cream is also highly processed and not recommended to be taken daily.

Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Ice Cream mixes two cultures: Taiwanese and American. Boba was invented in Taiwan, and cold brew is popular in the U.S. Therefore, you get to enjoy the Taiwanese-American experience with this dessert. The Tapioca Pearls are less subtle in the ice cream than in bubble tea, but that should not be a cause of concern. The pearls are the accessory, and the cold brew coffee is the main constituent. However, you can add in your own boba to make it more enjoyable if you prefer to do so.

Is Trader Joe’s Boba Ice Cream Good?

If you love cold brew, boba, and ice cream, then you will love this ice cream. However, it is not as decadent as regular milk-based ice cream, and it is also less creamy than some non-dairy ice creams.

Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Ice Cream is tasty and refreshing. The coffee flavor dominates the ice cream and is the first thing you notice. The coconut milk flavor is not conspicuous; hence you may not realize it. The texture is silky smooth, creamy, and smooth and tastes like a natural coffee ice cream scoop. The boba texture is chewy but not too soft or hard. The combination of coarse and chewy textures is not for everyone.


Is Trader Joe’s cold brew boba ice cream gluten-free?

Yes, Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Boba Ice Cream is gluten-free and dairy-free.

Does Trader Joe’s have boba pearls?

Yes, you will find boba pearls sold separately in the store’s baking aisle section. You can also enjoy the cold brew boba ice cream with actual boba pearls.

Was Trader Joe’s coconut milk ice cream discontinued?

The strawberry coconut milk ice cream was discontinued.

However, its chocolate version is still in some of the store’s locations.


Ice cream can turn a bad day into a great one, and you can never go wrong with Trader Joe’s Cold Brew Boba Ice Cream. It is lactose-free, dairy-free, vegan, and very flavorful.

For only $4.49, you will be able to enjoy about three servings. The coffee will wake you up, especially if you have a slow day, which is also a win! We highly recommend getting at least two pints as you might not find them the next time you go shopping. Indulge in this fabulous treat, and let us know your experience.

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