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Ah, Trader Joe’s… the purveyor of, well, everything. From chocolate covered pretzels to tropical fish, Trader Joe’s has just about every food you can think of stocked on their colorful shelves. If you’re already a fan of ahi tuna or if you’d just like to try something new, keep reading to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Trader Joe’s Ahi Tuna.

Trader Joe's Sell Ahi Tuna
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Is there anything that Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell? We honestly don’t think so. Ahi tuna is no exception. Trader Joe’s absolutely sells ahi tuna, and in several different varieties. And yes–Trader Joe’s ahi tuna is sushi grade (sashimi).

So, what is Ahi Tuna anyway? In the Hawaiian language, ahi literally means “yellowfin tuna.” So, there you have it: ahi tuna is basically just a redundant way of saying “yellowfin tuna.”

How Much Is Ahi Tuna At Trader Joe’s?

Never satisfied with offering just one option, Trader Joe’s carries a variety of ahi tuna products on its shelves, including:

  • Smoked Ahi Tuna – $5.99 for a 4 oz. package
  • Ahi Tuna Steaks – $7.99 per pound
  • Sesame Crusted Hardwood Smoked Ahi Tuna – $5.99 for a 4 oz. package

Trader Joe’s Ahi Tuna Steaks can be found in the frozen section while their smoked ahi tuna varieties can be found next to their fresh meats, typically near the produce section.

Is Trader Joe’s Ahi Tuna Healthy?

Whether or not Trader Joe’s Ahi Tuna can be considered healthy really depends on your personal dietary needs. But for reference, each 4 oz. serving of Trader Joe’s Ahi Tuna Steaks contains 120 calories, which includes just 0.5 grams of fat. These steaks pack a punch of 27 grams of protein per serving and zero carbohydrates. A serving also contains 45 mg of cholesterol and 50 mg of sodium.

Depending on your dietary needs, these could absolutely be considered a relatively healthy centerpiece for a meal, especially if you are focused on a zero carb, high protein, low fat diet.

Trader Joe's Sell Ahi Tuna Nutrition
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How To Cook Trader Joe’s Ahi Tuna

Trader Joe’s Ahi Tuna can be prepared and served in numerous ways. Popular as a sushi ingredient, ahi tuna can actually be served raw as long as it is handled properly and never left to sit above a certain temperature (fish should always be stored at 40°F or lower). Make sure to familiarize yourself with proper fish handling protocol before preparing raw fish for sushi.

If you’d rather cook your ahi tuna, there are plenty of ways to do this, from searing to baking. Check out this recipe from Trader Joe’s for delicious Seared Spicy Peanut Ahi Tuna Tacos.

What Can You Do With Trader Joe’s Ahi Tuna?

Ahi tuna is an extremely versatile food and can be used for a wide variety of recipes. Popular in sushi, tacos, and “poke” bowls, ahi tuna is by far most popular as a seared centerpiece. Check out this recipe from Bowl of Delicious for a 6-Minute Seared Ahi Tuna Steak.

Is Trader Joe’s Ahi Tuna Good?

Judging by the reviews we found online, Trader Joe’s Ahi Tuna Steaks are delicious! However, not many people recommended them for sushi or to be eaten raw. Instead, almost everyone seems to love these steaks as, well, steaks. That is, seared and served hot. Check out these helpful reviews we found on the Trader Joe’s subreddit.

Trader Joe's Sell Ahi Tuna Review


How to defrost Trader Joe’s ahi tuna?

According to the packaging, Trader Joe’s Ahi Tuna should be defrosted out of its packaging overnight in the fridge. However, removing it from its packaging to defrost might not be entirely necessary. Some reviewers recommended not using the microwave to defrost these tuna steaks due to ahi’s tendency toward getting overcooked.

How do you thaw Trader Joe’s ahi tuna?

Trader Joe’s Ahi Tuna should be slow-thawed overnight in the fridge. Do not thaw fish on the countertop or anywhere that does not consistently stay at 40°F or lower as this can allow dangerous bacteria to grow.

Can you eat Trader Joe’s ahi tuna raw?

Technically, yes. However, we have run into quite a few reviews from customers who regularly purchase Trader Joe’s Ahi Tuna who say that it’s much better when cooked.

What is Trader Joe’s smoked ahi tuna’s shelf life?

Smoked fish can last up to about ten days in the refrigerator if properly stored. Always store your fish inside of a container and do not leave it exposed to the open air. When frozen, smoked fish can last quite a bit longer.


If you’re a fan of seafood, then Trader Joe’s Ahi Tuna is definitely one to throw into your shopping cart next time you take a trip to TJ’s. Quick and easy to prepare, this tropical fish can be ready in minutes and provide a delicious and luxurious centerpiece for your evening meal. Enjoy!

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