Ranking the 7 Best Beers and Cider from Trader Joe’s for Summer

Looking for the perfect beverages to enjoy this summer? Join us as we explore and rank the top 7 beers and cider offerings from Trader Joe’s. From refreshing lagers to hoppy IPAs and crisp ciders, these selections are sure to add a touch of delight to your sunny days and backyard gatherings.

7. Henry Hotspur’s Hard Pressed for Cider $7.99/12 Fl Oz

Henry Hotspur’s Hard Cider, named after a historical figure, stands out for its use of fresh-pressed apples from the Pacific Northwest and a touch of unfermented apple juice for a unique flavor. Despite its distinctive profile and controlled fermentation process, it ranks last due to personal preference for other styles among consumers. While it offers clean and crisp apple flavors with a subtle sweetness, some may prefer bolder or more complex options, placing it lower on the list.

6. Simpler Times Lager $7.99/12 Fl Oz

Trader Joe’s Simpler Times Lager is praised for its value, quality, and versatility. Brewed by a longstanding family-owned brewery with a rich brewing heritage, this lager offers a crisp and well-balanced flavor that complements various dishes. However, it ranks where it does on the list due to its straightforward nature and lack of complexity compared to other beers that may offer more intricate flavors or styles. While it’s a reliable choice for everyday enjoyment and affordability, some consumers may prefer beers with more depth and character, influencing its position on the list.

5. Josephsbrau Summer Brew $5.99/12 Fl Oz

Josephsbrau Summer Brew is a Kölsch-style ale-lager hybrid brewed by a respected West Coast craft brewer, combining modern technology with traditional recipes. It’s praised for its light-hop profile, golden hue, and creamy head, making it refreshing for summer enjoyment. However, it ranks where it does on the list due to personal preferences for other beer styles or more unique flavor profiles among consumers. While it pairs well with summer foods and is now available in convenient cans, some may seek beers with bolder flavors or distinct characteristics, influencing its position on the list.

4. Josephsbrau Hefeweizen $5.99/12 Fl Oz

Josephsbrau Bavarian Style Hefeweizen is crafted in partnership with a respected West Coast brewery, adhering to strict brewing standards and using imported malt and hops. Brewed under the Reinheitsgebot laws with wheat yeast from Bavaria, it offers flavors like citrus, clove, banana, and bubble gum typical of Hefeweizens. Its unfiltered golden hue and refreshing character make it enjoyable on its own or paired with grilled sausages. Despite its flavorful profile and adherence to tradition, it ranks in the middle of the list due to personal preferences for other beer styles or more unique flavor profiles among consumers.

3. Boatswain Hazy IPA $5.99/12 Fl Oz

Boatswain Hazy IPA is a top beer from Trader Joe’s, crafted by an award-winning brewery in Wisconsin exclusively for the store. It boasts complex tropical fruit and citrus zest notes, thanks to late hop additions during brewing that also create its hazy appearance and creamy mouthfeel. This IPA’s bold hoppy flavor makes it ideal for pairing with spicy dishes or snacks. Its unique characteristics and bold flavor profile contribute to its status as one of the top beers available at Trader Joe’s, appealing to those seeking a bold, citric, and hoppy brew.

2. Boatswain American I.P.A. $5.99/12 Fl Oz

Boatswain American I.P.A. is a top beer from Trader Joe’s, brewed by an award-winning craft brewer in Wisconsin. With a 6.7% ABV and 79 IBUs, it offers a hoppy and pleasantly bitter profile, balanced by just the right amount of malt. Its crisp and refreshing taste makes it ideal for craft beer enthusiasts seeking new and interesting flavors. Whether enjoyed with food pairings like Pulled Jackfruit Sandwich or tangy cheeses, or on its own, this IPA stands out for its balanced and satisfying taste, earning its place as a top choice among Trader Joe’s beers.

1. Boatswain Double I.P.A. $5.99/12 Fl Oz

The best beer at Trader Joe’s is a robust ale brewed exclusively for them by an award-winning craft brewer in Wisconsin. This intensely hoppy IPA boasts a boat-load of hops balanced by just the right amount of malt, creating a bold and flavorful profile. With an alcohol content of 8.4%, it’s a beer for serious craft beer drinkers seeking new and interesting flavors. Pair it with spiced dishes or sharp cheeses for a satisfying experience.

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