Does Kroger Have a Dress Code/Uniforms?

Like many other large corporations in America, Kroger has a specific dress code policy in place. In general, dress code policies help customers easily identify staff members while allowing staff members to develop a collective sense of identity with the company and its brand.

We have you covered if you are wondering about the specifics of Kroger’s dress code in 2022. So, stay tuned because you will discover everything you need to know about Kroger’s dress code. 

Yes, Kroger has a specific dress code policy. Employees must abide by this dress code.

Please note that Kroger reserves the right to dismiss employees for non-compliance with the company’s official dress code policy. Nevertheless, Kroger’s dress code policy is quite flexible and gives employees plenty of freedom to feel comfortable.


Kroger Dress Code Policy

Kroger’s current dress code policy requires employees to wear blue aprons with a name tag and an embroidered rainbow logo. Employees can wear a regular shirt with a collar or crew neck. The shirt can have long or short sleeves. Also, employees can wear pants or jeans that do not have tears, frays, or holes in them.

Here are specific guidelines for the following dress code elements:

  • Hair. There are no specific prohibitions regarding hair. Employees can wear any color or style. However, it is advisable to be presentable. Employees should have no issues as long as their hair is tidy, neat, and does not have any outrageous color combinations.
  • Shirts. Shirts can have long or short sleeves. A collar or crew neck is preferable. Ideally, shirts should not contain any logos, messages, or distasteful prints. Please note that Kroger’s dress code policy does not permit crop or tank tops, camouflage prints, sheer, or muscle shirts.
  • Jackets. Employees may wear jackets underneath the blue apron. The jacket must follow the same guidelines as shirts.
  • Pants, shorts, skirts. Employees may wear jeans, pants, shorts, and skirts. They may not have tears, frays, or holes. They must also avoid any distasteful patterns or designs. Please note that pants, shorts, and skirts must remain at the hip or waist. Also, pants such as leggings, yoga pants, or capris are not allowed.
  • Caps and hats. Employees may wear hats or caps, preferably with the Kroger logo. Also, blank caps and hats are permitted. However, employees should avoid caps or hats with competitor logos, offensive messages, or distasteful designs.
  • Shoes. Employees must wear shoes with closed toes and heels for safety reasons. Employees working with perishable items must wear shoes with a sure grip or utilize crew guards to ensure protection. Otherwise, there are no specific prohibitions on what types of shoes to wear.

Please note that Kroger does not have specific restrictions on tattoos or piercings. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that tattoos containing offensive messages are not visible.

Also, Kroger recommends wearing plain face masks with no logos or distasteful patterns. Face masks with the Kroger logo are the recommended choice for all staff.

What is the Dress Code for Kroger Management?

The dress code for Kroger management is the same as for all other employees. Kroger managers should wear a blue apron when working with customers. Otherwise, management can wear casual attire with their name tag when not dealing directly with customers or on the shop floor. There are no prohibitions for Kroger managers as far as hair, tattoos, or piercings. Hats, shirts, pants, and shoes must all follow the Kroger dress code.

What is the Dress Code for Kroger Pharmacy?

Pharmacy technicians at Kroger pharmacy must wear casual clothes with a blue coat. Pharmacists must wear casual clothing with a white coat. Please note that pharmacy staff does not wear an apron. Pharmacy staff must follow the same guidelines for hair, tattoos, or piercings. Hats, shirts, pants, and shoes.

Does Kroger Provide Uniforms?

Kroger employees must wear a blue apron with a name tag on it. Kroger provides this apron to all employees at stores. Employees must wear the apron with a strap tied around their neck and at the waist. It is mandatory for employees to wear an apron while on the job. 

Kroger’s uniform policy saw some changes in 2019. The new dress code mandated that employees wear their characteristic blue aprons with an embroidered rainbow heart on them. Underneath, Kroger’s dress code allows employees to essentially wear anything they like as long as tops and bottoms do not contain competitor logos or distasteful content. The dress code encourages employees to wear comfortable, casual clothing.

Kroger’s current dress code policy dropped the old blue shirt with the Kroger logo on it. Employees can still wear the old blue shirts as long as they are presentable and in good shape. Otherwise, employees can wear short or long-sleeved shirts with a crew neck, pants, or skirts without holes, frays, or tears. 

What Should You Wear to Orientation at Kroger?

Newcomers should wear casual clothing to orientation as indicated in the Kroger dress code for 2022. Newcomers should receive their aprons on the first day of orientation. 

Please note that getting a job at Kroger is a straightforward process. 

  • First, applicants must fill out an online form with some personal details and contact information. 
  • Then, there is an MCQ test that applicants must take. 
  • After the test, applicants must go through an interview. 
  • Finally, a mandatory drug test is needed to close out the application process. The entire hiring process takes about a week.

Selected individuals must undergo in-person training sessions and web-based training modules. The overall orientation process lasts from two to ten days, depending on the position.


Can you wear leggings to work at Kroger?

No, leggings, jeggings, capris, yoga pants, or joggers are not permitted. The Kroger dress code requires that employees wear business casual pants. Pants must remain at the waist or hip line. Pants below the waist or hip line are not allowed.

Do Kroger Pharmacy techs have a uniform?

Kroger pharmacy technicians must wear business casual clothing with a blue coat. Pharmacy technicians do not wear an apron. Pharmacists wear a white coat with business casual clothing.

Does Kroger allow employees to have tattoos and piercings?

The Kroger dress code does not prohibit tattoos or piercings. However, employees must avoid showing offensive or distasteful tattoos and piercings. 

Does Kroger allow employees to have unnatural hair colors?

The Kroger dress code does not ban unnatural hair colors. However, employees should be careful to avoid outrageous or distasteful color combinations. Hair must be neat and tidy. Otherwise, there are no restrictions regarding hairstyles.

Can Kroger employees get fired if they don’t follow the dress code?

Kroger reserves the right to dismiss any employees that do not abide by the official dress code for 2022. Kroger’s dress code is highly important as it represents the company’s image and brand identity. Employees acknowledge their understanding of the dress code and agree to comply with it.

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