Does Kroger Sell Stamps? (Types & Cost)

Buying stamps has never been easier than it is today. Gone are the days when you had to line up at your local post office during business hours and wait for your turn.

Today, you can buy stamps from various places, including online or at your favorite grocery store.

So does Kroger sell stamps? This article will answer this question and provide tips on how to buy stamps from Kroger easily.

What Type of Stamps Does Kroger Sell?

Kroger has a partnership with the USPS that allows you to buy stamps from a selection of self-service kiosks in-store. The Kroger-USPS partnership is nationwide and is also available at any Fred Meyer, Fry’s, King Sooper’s, or Smith’s locations. You’ll find the USPS kiosks in the front of Kroger stores, near the cash registers.

Kroger sells First-Class Forever Stamps in books of 20 or 30 stamps. They cost the same as a regular first-class stamp ($0.50) and remain valid even if prices rise in the future. You can use these stamps to mail envelopes or packages weighing up to one ounce.

These stamps were introduced in 2007 by the USPS. The stamp prices are the same as those found at the post office.


What is a Forever Stamp?

A Forever Stamp is a stamp that’s valid for first-class mail regardless of when you use it. Forever stamps are sold at the same price as regular first-class stamps.

The current value of one forever stamp is 0.50 cents. The US Postal Service introduced forever stamps in 2007 to combat the expected rise in postage costs associated with inflation.

The USPS has made it clear that forever stamps aren’t an investment, but they offer a way to hedge against future postage rate increases. If you have unused stamps, you don’t have to worry about them becoming worthless when prices increase.

How Much Does Kroger Charge For Stamps

Kroger sells stamps booklets for the same price and quantity as the US Postal Service. The standard price for each stamp at the USPS is $0.50. Kroger sells each 20-piece for $9.80, meaning you’ll save $0.20 for the whole booklet.

Kroger doesn’t offer larger books with additional stamps for lower prices per-stamp basis. The US Postal Service gives options containing up to 100 stamps in one book at various prices.

Does Kroger Sell Individual Stamps?

Kroger doesn’t sell individual stamps. You can buy single stamps at most post offices. Or, you can buy books of stamps online and have them delivered to your house. It is even cheaper if you buy them in bulk.

How to Buy Stamps at Kroger Stores

Stamps are available at all Kroger stores, but you may not find them in the same section at each location. Common areas where you’ll find stamps include the customer service desk and, next to the cash registers, especially self-checkout stations.

Some stores have automated kiosks that dispense stamps. You’ll also find other postage supplies, such as envelopes and priority mailboxes. In addition to the standard forever stamp, you may find stamped envelopes for seasonal and special occasions, such as Christmas.

It’s always good to call your nearest Kroger store and ask them whether they sell stamps. You can contact Kroger customer service at +1 (800) 576–4377. Most Kroger stores operate between 7 am to 12 midnight on weekdays, and 7 am to 9.30 pm on weekends. Some stores, though, remain open for 24 hours throughout the week.

If you cannot call the Kroger store, use the store locator to search for the outlet nearest to you. Enter your zip code or state in the search box, then press enter. It’ll show all the Kroger stores and their addresses and contact numbers.

Can You Buy Stamps at Kroger Checkout?

Kroger sells stamps at their checkout lanes. Depending on your local Kroger store’s hours, you may find that the checkout lanes are open for business 24/7. If this is the case, you can purchase stamps from Kroger any time during the day or night.

Can You Buy Stamps Online At Kroger?

Kroger doesn’t sell stamps online. You have to visit a nearby Kroger store if you wish to buy some. You can call ahead to make sure that your local store has stamps in stock.

Can You Buy Holiday Stamps At Kroger?

You can buy a select amount of holiday stamps at Kroger. The stores stock a good selection of holiday stamps for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. They also offer stamps for other occasions and holidays as well.

Why Buy Stamps at Kroger

The price of a stamp at Kroger is the same as at other retailers, including the USPS.

  • You can make a one-stop shopping trip to pick up your groceries or other household items while you buy stamps.
  • You can buy other types of postal services at Kroger, including package shipping.
  • The store has books and rolls of stamps suitable for domestic and international mail.
  • There are parcel weighing machines in Kroger stores. So, you can weigh your letter and know how much it’ll cost you to send it.
  • Kroger stores are readily available in most places. Kroger is one of the largest grocery retail chains in the U.S., with over 2700 locations across 35 states.
  • They’re open for longer than post offices: Some Kroger stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that you can go to a Kroger store at any time to buy stamps.
  • Kroger offers convenient payment options. You can pay through a credit card, debit card, cash, or check.


Does Kroger sell mail stamps?

Yes, Kroger sells mail stamps. The price of stamps at Kroger is the same as the USPS rates. You can buy stamps from a checkout counter or at an automated machine in the Kroger store.

Does Kroger sell envelopes?

Yes, Kroger does sell envelopes. They have a wide selection of envelopes of various sizes, typically found in the office supplies section.

Does Kroger sell forever stamps?

Yes, Kroger sells USPS forever stamps. You can purchase the stamps in books of 20 stamps. Kroger sells each booklet of stamps for $9.80.

Does CVS sell stamps?

CVS sells forever stamps in booklets of 20. Each peel-and-stick stamp costs $0.50, so a booklet will cost you $10.00.


Kroger sells the USPS forever stamps, which give you a cost-per-ounce break based on how much you’re mailing. You can buy the stamps in booklets of 20 or 30 stamps each. Each stamp goes for $0.50, although Kroger doesn’t sell individual stamps.

Kroger sells a booklet of 20 stamps for $9.80. Therefore, you’ll save 0.20 per booklet if you buy the stamps in bulk.

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