30+ Must-Buy Fall Groceries: A Curated Glimpse into Trader Joe’s Fall and Halloween Offerings

As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, Trader Joe’s welcomes the enchanting season of autumn with a parade of products that capture the essence of fall.

From decorative gourds that embody the spirit of harvest to mouth-watering pumpkin delights that make breakfast feel like a festive treat, we’ve journeyed through the aisles and handpicked a selection that’s sure to bring warmth to your heart and home.

Dive in as we unveil a cornucopia of fall and Halloween-themed treasures, showcasing the magic of the season in every bite and sight. Whether you’re a pumpkin spice aficionado or seeking the perfect Halloween treat, Trader Joe’s has you covered in the most delectable way. ??

trader Joes fall

Fantasy Pumpkins and Orange Pumpkins: Trader Joe’s often offers a range of pumpkins during the fall season. Fantasy pumpkins come in unique shapes and colors and are mainly for decoration. Orange pumpkins can be used for both decoration and culinary purposes.


Mini Pumpkins (Orange and White): Smaller pumpkins used for decoration during the fall season, suitable for tables or home spaces.


Mini Fairy Tale Pumpkins: A decorative pumpkin variant with a distinct appearance, possibly with ridges or unique color patterns.


Assorted Gourds: Decorative items in various shapes, sizes, and colors popular for fall home decoration.


Pumpkin O’s: Pumpkin-flavored version of Cheerios, typically vegan and gluten-free.


Pecan Pumpkin Instant Oatmeal: Flavored oatmeal that merges the flavor of pecans with pumpkin.


Pumpkin Cereal Bars: Breakfast or snack bars with a pumpkin flavor.


Pumpkin Greek Non-Fat Yogurt: Seasonal yogurt flavor that features pumpkin.


Honey Crisp Apple Cinnamon Greek Yogurt: Seasonal yogurt flavor that blends honey crisp apples and cinnamon.


Pumpkin Overnight Oats: Ready-to-eat oats flavored with pumpkin.


Pumpkin Brioche Twist: Soft, sweet bread with a hint of pumpkin.


Non-Dairy Pumpkin Oat Beverage: Pumpkin-flavored oat milk.


Pumpkin Spice Coffee: Medium-dark roast coffee with pumpkin and spice flavors.


Pumpkin Spice Rooibos Tea: Herbal tea blend infused with pumpkin spice flavors.


Harvest Blend Herbal Tea: Herbal tea blend capturing the essence of fall harvest.


Autumnal Harvest Creamy Pasta Sauce: Pasta sauce featuring flavors of tomatoes, pumpkin, and butternut squash.


Organic Pumpkin Puree: Versatile puree made of pumpkin for baking, cooking, or beverages.


Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookie Mix: Seasonal mix for making autumn-inspired cookies.


Pumpkin Pie Spice: Spice blend used in fall recipes, primarily pumpkin pies.


Pumpkin Waffles: Seasonally available waffles flavored with pumpkin and warm spices.


Spiced Cider: Seasonal beverage made from apple juice with spices.


Cinnamon Brooms: Decorative fall item with a strong cinnamon aroma.


Ghost and Bats Crispy Potato Snacks: Halloween-themed potato snacks.


Pumpkin Gnocchi: Potato dumplings flavored with pumpkin and spices.


Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese Bites: Snack bites with macaroni, cheese, and butternut squash flavor.


Butternut Squash Lasagna: Seasonal dish with pasta, cheese, and butternut squash.


Pumpkin Spice Teeny Tiny Pretzels: Mini pretzels with a pumpkin spice coating.


Organic Pumpkin Spice Granola Bark: Crunchy snack with granola and pumpkin spice flavor.


Petite Pumpkin Spice Cookies: Small glazed cookies with pumpkin and spices.


Halloween JoJo Cookies: Halloween-themed version of Trader Joe’s JoJo cookies.


Pumpkin JoJo’s: JoJo cookies filled with pumpkin flavor.


Haunted House Chocolate Cookie Kit: DIY kit for a chocolate cookie haunted house.


Caramel Apple Dipping Kit: A kit for making caramel apples.

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