15 Items you should be buying From Trader Joe’s in May 2024

Milk Chocolate Covered Honeycomb Candy

Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate Covered Honeycomb Candy offers a delightful blend of creamy milk chocolate and crispy honeycomb candy. The honeycomb candy is made with sugar, honey, and baking soda, creating airy pockets within the candy for a unique texture. It’s then coated in rich milk chocolate, creating a delicious contrast of flavors and textures.

Each serving size of 3 pieces (30g) contains 150 calories, 7g total fat (9% DV), 4.5g saturated fat (23% DV), and 21g total carbohydrates (8% DV). The ingredients include milk chocolate, sugar, honey, baking soda, and sea salt. This candy is a treat for any occasion, perfect for indulging yourself or sharing with friends.

Ideal for backpacks, as finger food, or simply as a treat to enjoy, Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate Covered Honeycomb Candy is a nostalgic and satisfying snack. It contains added sugars and is a good source of iron and calcium, making it a sweet indulgence worth savoring.

Grilled Chili Lime Chicken Breast

Trader Joe’s Grilled Chili Lime Chicken Breast offers convenience and flavor in a pre-cooked, pre-sliced format. Seasoned with chili powder, paprika, dried garlic, cumin, and lime juice concentrate, each bite is bursting with savory and citric notes. It’s a versatile ingredient, perfect for salads, rice bowls, sandwiches, burritos, omelets, or as a quick fajita meal.

Priced at $7.99 for a 12 oz pack, this chicken breast is ideal for quick weeknight dinners, weekend lunches, or meal prep. It’s a protein powerhouse, with each serving containing 24g of protein. The ingredients and allergen values may vary by region, so it’s recommended to check the packaging in-store for current details.

Whether you’re dining alfresco, having a game night, or need a dinner hack, Trader Joe’s Grilled Chili Lime Chicken Breast provides a flavorful and convenient solution for various meal occasions

Organic Ethiopia Guji Whole Bean Coffee

Trader Joe’s Organic Ethiopia Guji Small Lot Coffee is priced at $9.99 for a 12 oz pack and is certified organic and kosher. Grown in the Guji region of Ethiopia, these 100% Arabica beans are handpicked from local farms and carefully sun-dried on raised beds before being roasted to a light-medium balance.

This coffee boasts flavors of fresh berries, dried fruit, warm spices, and a hint of uplifting acidity in each cup. It’s perfect for any time of day but particularly enjoyable during brunch or as a morning pick-me-up. Pair it with pastries, omelets, or gelato for a delightful experience.

Please note that details may vary, so it’s advisable to check the packaging in-store for the most current information.

Dried Australian Red Papaya

Trader Joe’s Dried Australian Red Papaya is available for $2.99 per 1.5 oz pack and is certified kosher. Originating from Far North Queensland, where the tropical climate favors abundant papaya growth, this snack is made from the finest Red Papayas, known for their inherent sweetness.

What sets our Dried Australian Red Papaya apart is its simplicity. It contains only one ingredient: Red Papaya, without any added sugars or preservatives. Carefully hand-picked, sliced, and dried, these papaya slices are chewy and bursting with tropical flavor. Enjoy them as a standalone snack, add them to trail mixes, or incorporate them into your breakfast oats or yogurt for a delightful twist.

Belgian Truffle Ballotin Box

Trader Joe’s Belgian Truffle Ballotin Box is priced at $3.99 for 3.52 oz, available for a limited time. This assortment features a beautiful floral redesign and a selection of high-quality chocolates. Included are six familiar truffles and two new additions, each offering a unique shape and flavor, such as Cappuccino Milk, Cocoa Bean Lait, Caracol Milk, and more.

These chocolates are made with premium ingredients like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, hazelnuts, and natural flavors, creating a delightful sensory experience. The box is perfect for gifting or indulging yourself, offering a variety of textures and tastes that appeal to chocolate lovers.

Spicy Meat Pizza

Trader Joe’s Spicy Meat Pizza is a meat lover’s delight, crafted with high-quality dough and topped with an umami-rich tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, spicy smoked sausage, savory pork meatballs, and grilled red bell peppers. This Italian-inspired pizza offers a balanced blend of heat, umami, and sweetness, reminiscent of charming Italian pizzerias.

In terms of nutrition, each serving of the Spicy Meat Pizza contains a moderate amount of calories, with a good balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. It provides a satisfying meal option, especially for those craving a flavorful and hearty pizza experience.

The ingredients list includes wheat flour, mozzarella cheese, Calabrian recipe smoked sausage, grilled red bell peppers, tomato puree, cooked meatballs, pepper sauce, and a blend of spices and seasonings. This combination creates a harmonious fusion of flavors that makes Trader Joe’s Spicy Meat Pizza a standout frozen pizza choice.


Jumeokbap, a Korean dish whose name means “fist rice,” is a vegan delight that blends centuries-old tradition with modern convenience. Trader Joe’s version features plant-based bulgogi and seasoned vegetables, encapsulated in a pyramidal shape reminiscent of Japanese onigiri. Quick to prepare, these microwavable treats offer a hearty snack or a mini-meal on-the-go.

Each pack of Jumeokbap provides a moderate calorie intake balanced with carbohydrates, fiber, and protein. The savory flavors come from a sauce made with soy sauce, onion, garlic, and black pepper, enhancing the plant-based bulgogi and textured soy protein. These ingredients combine to create a satisfying and flavorful vegan option.

The ingredient list includes water, rice, a savory sauce, beefless bulgogi, vegetables, soybean oil, and seasonings like garlic, sesame oil, and soy sauce. The thoughtful selection of components ensures a tasty and convenient vegan option that can be enjoyed alone or paired with dipping sauces for added flavor.

Papas Rellenas

Papas Rellenas, a beloved comfort food from Latin America and the Caribbean, encapsulate savory ground beef within a crispy, golden shell of mashed potatoes. Trader Joe’s version, inspired by Cuban flavors, features a picadillo-style filling with onions, bell peppers, and a vibrant mix of herbs and spices, offering a delightful fusion of textures and flavors.

Each Papas Rellenas packs a satisfying crunch and a burst of savory goodness. The ingredients list includes ground beef, diced onions and bell peppers, tomato paste, herbs, and seasonings like oregano and black pepper. The potato blend, enhanced with cassava and breadcrumbs, creates a crispy exterior that complements the savory filling perfectly.

Nutritionally, each serving provides a moderate calorie intake with a balanced distribution of fats, carbohydrates, fiber, and protein. Papas Rellenas can be enjoyed as a snack, hors d’oeuvre, or side dish, paired with your favorite dipping sauce or as a delightful main course alongside complementary sides like Spanish-style rice and organic black beans.

Red Island Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Trader Joe’s introduces the Red Island Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a limited-time offering with exceptional flavor at an affordable price. This early harvest olive oil is made from olives grown on a single estate, cold-pressed to preserve its fruity profile and delicate finish, making it ideal for various culinary uses like sautéeing and dressing salads.

Nutritionally, this olive oil provides healthy fats and is rich in flavor-enhancing compounds typical of early harvest olives. While the exact nutritional content may vary, it generally offers a smooth texture, fruity notes, and a nutty, tannic finish. Its versatility allows for use in everyday cooking as well as in special dishes where its unique flavor profile can shine.

The ingredients include Early Harvest olives from a single estate, indicating a focus on quality and freshness. This limited-edition olive oil is perfect for those looking to elevate their cooking with a touch of luxury without breaking the bank, making it a must-have for anyone who enjoys quality oils in their kitchen.

Lemon Pesto Pasta Sauce

Trader Joe’s Lemon Pesto Sauce is a magical blend inspired by Italy’s Amalfi coast, featuring crushed whole lemons, sunflower seed oil, Grana Padano cheese, almonds, salt, pepper, and extra lemon zest. This limited-edition sauce is bursting with citrusy, nutty, and cheesy flavors, elevating dishes with its bright and refreshing profile.

Nutritionally, the Lemon Pesto Sauce offers a balance of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, with notable amounts of vitamin D, calcium, and iron. Its ingredients include sunflower seed oil, lemon, Grana Padano cheese, almonds, lemon zest, and spices, providing a burst of flavor and a touch of indulgence to any meal.

With its versatile uses, from pasta dishes to sandwiches and grilled proteins, Trader Joe’s Lemon Pesto Sauce is a culinary delight that adds a touch of elegance and freshness to alfresco dining or everyday meals, making it a favorite for those seeking a quick dinner hack or a fancy flavor upgrade.

Jalapeno and Cream Cheese Crispy Wontons

Trader Joe’s Jalapeño & Cream Cheese Crispy Wontons are a delightful fusion of creamy, cheesy, crispy, and spicy flavors. These appetizers feature tangy cream cheese, savory Parmesan, and diced jalapeño wrapped in a crispy wonton skin, delivering a savory, spicy, and satisfying taste experience that’s perfect for any occasion.

Nutritionally, each serving of these Crispy Wontons provides a balance of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, with notable amounts of calcium and iron. The ingredients include wonton wrappers, cream cheese, Parmesan cheese, jalapeño peppers, canola oil, garlic, and a blend of spices, offering a burst of flavor and texture in every bite.

Trader Joe’s Jalapeño & Cream Cheese Crispy Wontons are effortless to prepare, going from frozen to crispy in just minutes. Whether you’re hosting a gathering, enjoying a game night, or looking for a tasty finger food option, these wontons paired with Sweet Chili Sauce are sure to impress with their flavorful, crispy goodness.

 Sous Vide Chicken Thighs

Trader Joe’s Sous Vide Chicken Thighs are cooked using the sous vide method, known for locking in moisture and tenderness. These boneless, skinless thighs are seasoned with sea salt, making them ready to eat after a quick warm-up. Versatile and flavorful, they can be served as is or incorporated into various dishes.

Nutritionally, each serving provides a good amount of protein with minimal fat and no carbohydrates or sugars. The ingredients are straightforward, including chicken thigh meat, water, sea salt, dextrose, soybean oil, and salt for searing. These chicken thighs offer a convenient and healthy option for meals, especially for those with time constraints.

Ideal for alfresco dining, dinner hacks, or as a quick alternative to cooking from scratch, Trader Joe’s Sous Vide Chicken Thighs are a time-saving and delicious choice. Simply warm them up, pair them with your favorite sides or sauces, and enjoy a gourmet-style meal without the hassle

Organic Jalapeno Limeade

Trader Joe’s Organic Jalapeño Limeade offers a unique twist on a classic summer drink. Despite the inclusion of jalapeño, the spice level is mild, making it approachable for all palates. Made with organic lime juice, cane sugar, and jalapeño powder, it strikes a balance between tartness and heat, creating a refreshing beverage.

Nutritionally, each serving contains 100 calories with no fat, cholesterol, or significant sodium. The ingredients are straightforward and organic, including water, lime juice, sugar, jalapeño powder, and natural flavors. This jalapeño limeade is perfect for outdoor gatherings, picnics, or simply as a cooling drink during a heat wave.

Served over ice with garnishes like fresh lime or herbs, Trader Joe’s Organic Jalapeño Limeade is a delightful way to enjoy a hint of spice in your summer beverages. Whether you’re lounging in the sun or looking to add a kick to your day, this flavorful limeade is a great choice.

Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

Trader Joe’s Dulce de Leche Ice Cream is a celebration of the simple yet profound flavors found in this classic Latin American dessert. Made with milk, sugar, and a caramelizing process, it captures the essence of dulce de leche’s creamy sweetness and caramel depth, making it a delightful treat.

This limited-edition ice cream is crafted by blending creamy caramel ice cream with a generous swirl of milky Dulce de Leche-style caramel. Each spoonful promises a rich and satisfying experience, perfect for indulging on its own or as part of a decadent dessert creation like sundaes or milkshakes.

The ingredients list includes cream, milk, cane sugar, egg yolks, and natural vanilla flavor, ensuring a creamy texture and authentic taste. With 300 calories per serving and 14 grams of total fat, it’s a sweet and satisfying option for those craving a luxurious ice cream experience.

Brown Sugar Boba Mochi

Trader Joe’s Brown Sugar Boba Mochi brings the essence of Taiwanese Boba to a convenient and delightful candy form. Created by a Taiwanese supplier well-versed in Boba culture, each piece mirrors the flavors and textures of Boba tea with a caramelized brown sugar pearl at its center, encased in a creamy coating and wrapped in Japanese rice paper.

This innovative fusion candy combines maltozse, rice starch, and a sweet filling made of vegetable oils, sugar, milk powder, and natural flavors. The result is a chewy and gooey Mochi bite bursting with the rich flavor of brown sugar Boba, offering a unique and Asian-inspired snacking experience without the need for a straw.

With 110 calories per serving and 2.5 grams of total fat, these gluten-free Brown Sugar Boba Mochi pieces are perfect for on-the-go snacking or as a sweet treat to enjoy any time of day.