Trader Joe’s Pad Thai (Tasty, Healthy, And Affordable)

Trader Joe’s offers a variety of international dishes, and one of them is the Trader Joe’s Vegetable Pad thai.

This piece will cover Trader Joe’s Pad Thai, including important information related to this product – from its ingredients, nutritional facts, and cost.

Let’s get into it.

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Pad Thai?

Trader Joe’s has been selling Pad Thai for over a decade, and this food has been a favorite among their customers. It costs $3.49 per 10.5 Oz and has a flavor of tamarind sauce that’s sweet and spicy and is kept frozen to preserve it and keep it safe for consumption. The sauce in this Thai dish isn’t as strong as it feels on other pad thai, and that’s partly because it lacks fish sauce.


What is in Trader Joe’s Authentic Vegetable Pad Thai?

The Pad Thai package contains rice noodles, tofu, and scallions. In terms of nutrients, it has sodium, calcium, potassium, fiber, iron, and proteins.

Trader Joe’s Pad Thai Ingredients

Trader Joe’s Padthai has quite a number of ingredients. These include bean sprouts, rice noodles (rice, water), water, tofu (salt, soybean), palm oil, chives, chili sauce (chili, water, sugar, garlic, salt, vinegar), sugar, cashews, tamarind sauce, tomato sauce (water, tomato, salt, sugar, vinegar), garlic, soy sauce (salt, soybean, wheat flour), vinegar, radish, chili powder, and salt.

All ingredients in Trader Joe’s Pad Thai are natural, and that’s why it’s recommended for vegans and non-vegans.

Vegetable Pad Thai’s Nutrition Facts

One  serving of the vegetable Pad Thai, which  is 300 grams, gives you 360 calories and:

Nutrients Amount %DV
Total Fat 11 g 14%
Saturated Fat 4.5 g 23%
Dietary Fiber 5 g 18%
Total Carbohydrate 55 g 20%
Total Sugars 27 g NA
Sodium 950 mg 41%
Protein 10 g NA
Calcium 50 mg 4%
Iron 2.0 mg 10%
Potassium 410 mg 8%

As you can see Trader Joe’s Padthai has a lot more to offer besides the great taste! So, if you purchase, you’ll probably be getting more than you bargained for.

How Do You Make Trader Joe’s Pad Thai?

A frozen tray of Trader Joe’s Padthai is easy and quick to prepare, either using your microwave or stove.

If you want to use the microwave, start by removing the cardboard sleeve, and lifting one end of the plastic film from the container. Heat the food until every part of it is hot. Generally, this would take anything from 4 to 6 minutes, and sometimes a little bit more. When the food is ready, pull it out of the microwave, and remove the remaining film.

To prepare the Pad Thai using a stove, place the contents of the plastic container into your saucepan, and turn on the heat. Maintain a low amount of heat. Otherwise, you’ll spoil your meal. Heat it for around 10 minutes, and stir it from time to time to ensure it’s heated evenly.

How Can You Improve Trader Joe’s Pad Thai?

You can customize your Pad Thai meal to your liking. It can be combined with beef, shrimp, chicken, or any other protein you love. If you want to keep it vegan, you can add a squeeze of lime or a natural sauce that works for you.

Trader Joe’s Pad Thai Reviews

Customers who have tried the Trader Joe’s Pad Thai have always had a say, describing their experience with the meal. Here are some customer reviews:


Perhaps these will clear any doubts you may have concerning this great dish. Buy some today and give your feedback!


Is Trader Joe’s Vegetable Pad Thai Healthy?

Trader Joe’s Pad Thai is a healthy dish suitable for anyone with essential nutrients like sodium, calcium, iron, and fiber. This Thai delicacy is all vegan and doesn’t contain any kind of junk.

Does Trader Joe’s Have a Pad Thai Sauce?

Trader Joe’s sells several Thai sauces. One of them is the Thai Style Chili sauce which is particularly low in carbs, and you can pair it with chicken or seafood. Another sauce you can find at the store is the Sriracha sauce which you can use to garnish beef bulgogi, sandwiches, and more.

There are many Thai sauce gems you can find at Trader Joe’s, and you can’t miss one that’s suitable for your recipe. All you need to do is show up at the store with some cash.

Does Trader Joe’s Have Pad Thai Noodles?

Yes. Trader Joe’s sells Pad Thai Noodles, and they are vegan. You can prepare these noodles in 2 minutes.

Does Trader Joe’s Pad Thai Have Peanuts

Trader Joe’s Pad Thai doesn’t contain peanuts, although it contains rice noodles, tofu, and scallions.

Is Trader Joe’s Pad Thai a Super Traditional Representation of Thai Cuisine?

Thai cuisines include spicy, sweet, salty, sour, and bitter flavors. Trader Joe’s Pad Thai has a good balance of flavors and would be considered a superb representation of Thai Cuisine.

Was Trader Joe’s Pad Thai Discontinued?

Trader Joe’s is still selling frozen Pad Thai, so the item isn’t discontinued.  You can find the product in any Trader Joe’s stores nearby your area.


Trader Joe’s Vegetable Pad Thai contains rice noodles, tofu, and scallions. It carries vital nutrients like sodium, calcium, iron, and potassium and is easy to prepare, either using a microwave or on a stovetop. This dish can be enjoyed as a vegan option, or as a quick and simple dinner.

Remember you get all this, just for a little amount of money. If you haven’t tried Trader Joe’s Padthai, you’re missing out on a great meal. Try it today!

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