What’s on Trader Joe’s Taste Test This Week?

In this week’s installment of our Trader Joe’s Taste Test, we dive headfirst into the newest additions to the store’s shelves. As the aroma of a freshly baked spicy meat pizza wafts through the air, anticipation builds for the flavorful journey ahead.

Spicy Meat Pizza

The taste test journey kicks off with Trader Joe’s spicy meat pizza, tantalizing our senses with grilled red bell peppers, smoked sausage, and meatballs. The pizza, laden with toppings atop a thick crust, delivers a diverse range of flavors. From the crumbly, sweet smoked sausage to the charred bell peppers, each bite offers a satisfying experience, making it a standout quality pizza.

Trader Joe's Spicy Meat Pizza

Piquant Popcorn

Next on the tasting agenda is Trader Joe’s Piquant Popcorn, boasting nutritional yeast, onion, sea salt, and garlic flavors. The popcorn proves to be a light yet flavorful snack, perfect for accompanying a cold beer. Its addictive taste and texture make it a delightful addition to Trader Joe’s lineup.

Trader Joe's Piquant Popcorn

Hold the Cone Waffle Tips with Dark Chocolate

Moving on to dessert, Trader Joe’s Hold the Cone Waffle Tips with Dark Chocolate provide a delightful crunch and rich chocolate flavor. Though the chocolate filling may be overwhelming for some, it offers a satisfying contrast to the waffle cone exterior. While not a replacement for traditional ice cream cones, these treats offer a unique and indulgent experience.

Trader Joe's Hold The Cone Tips

Trader Joe’s Icelandic Style Skyr Lowfat Raspberry Yogurt

Concluding the taste test, Trader Joe’s Yogurt flavor provide a pleasant surprise. Despite initial skepticism from a non-yogurt enthusiast, the yogurt’s natural raspberry flavor and creamy texture win over the palate. It offers a guilt-free indulgence, ideal for yogurt lovers and skeptics alike.

Trader Joe's Icelandic Style Skyr Lowfat Raspberry Yogurt

Trader Joe’s New Deodorant

In a departure from food, Trader Joe’s new deodorant also undergoes scrutiny. Packaged in an eco-friendly cardboard tube, the deodorant offers a smooth application and long-lasting odor protection. Despite initial reservations, its effectiveness and lack of white residue make it a standout choice among aluminum-free options.

Trader Joe's Unscented Deoderant

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