Trader Joe’s New Product Roundup January 2023

Trader Joe’s is famous for a lot of things, but frequently introducing new products is definitely one of their most popular party tricks. In fact, TJ’s launches hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of new products every year, with new items hitting the shelves practically every week. In December 2022, a spokesperson for Trader Joe’s revealed that the company launched close to seventy brand-new products for the holiday season alone.

So what’s new on TJ’s shelves for January 2023? Let’s find out.

Sprinkle Pizza Ketchup

Ricotta Cuoricini Ravioli

Ricotta Cuoricini Ravioli

Heart-shaped and packaged in pink, these rosy ravioli are a nod to Valentine’s Day. Stuffed with ricotta, parmesan, and a balsamic reduction, these ravioli belong at the center of a sweet and romantic Valentine’s Day meal. Of course, they can also be enjoyed on their own any day of the week. Unfortunately, vegans and those allergic to gluten will have to stay away as these contain both dairy, eggs, and wheat. Also keep in mind that this is considered a seasonal product and will not be available after mid-February.

Cleansing & Conditioning Hair Wash

Spotted with this potential dupe for New Wash or Wen Cleansing Conditioner, Trader Joe’s has hopped on the natural haircare train with their new New Cleansing & Conditioning Hair Wash. Marketed as sulfate, silicone, detergent, and paraben free, this shampoo alternative is safe for just about any hair type, whether you’re on a curly hair journey or just trying to keep your haircare routine as simple as possible. This 8 oz. bottle is available for $4.99 and can be expected to arrive in Trader Joe’s stores everywhere very soon.

Maple Pancake Puffs

If there’s one thing Trader Joe’s is famous for, it’s their wide selection of snacks. From plantain chips to peanut butter cups to flavored popcorn, TJ’s never disappoints when you’re in a peckish mood. These Maple Pancake Flavored Puffs are the latest snack offering available at TJ’s, and they’ve already gained some popularity among shoppers.

One Reddit user commented that these corn and rice snacks taste a bit like Pops or Waffle Crisp cereal, with a similar texture and taste. Another user commented that these are a dupe for the pancake-flavored Like Air Baked Puffcorn. Good news for all the vegans out there–these snacks contain zero dairy, and they’re also free of all major allergens including gluten. 

Pizza Sprinkle Seasoning Blend

Are you one of those people who wants everything to taste like pizza? If so, you’re in luck. Trader Joe’s just launched their new Pizza Sprinkle Seasoning Blend to bring the unique flavor and spice of pizza to every meal you make. This 2.2-oz jar is now available for $2.99 in the spice aisle at Trader Joe’s.

Ketchup Flavored Sprinkle Seasoning Blend

As you might expect, TJ’s fans are skeptical to say the least about Trader Joe’s new Ketchup Flavored Sprinkle Seasoning Blend. Users on Reddit are weighing in with simple questions like “Why?” while others are already predicting it will be on the discontinued list soon. If you’re intrigued by ketchup seasoning, now’s your chance to try it. Each 2.6-oz jar sells for $2.99 just like most of TJ’s spice blends.

Squiggly Knife Cut Style Noodles With Soy and Sesame Sauce

Trader Joe’s has added another offering to their Asian-inspired noodle selection with these Squiggly Knife Cut Style Noodles. Flavored with soy and sesame, these have the potential to replace your basic package ramen noodles.

Unfortunately, the flavor might not live up to expectations. Many Reddit users feel that these noodles need a bit of help in order to be a fulfilling, flavorful meal.

Some shoppers are also commenting that these noodles are very similar to (if not quite as good as) Momfuku noodles and Asha Noodles (available at Costco and Cost Plus World Market).

For those with food allergies, be aware that these contain soy, wheat, sugar, and sesame. Each package comes with four individual noodle packs and is priced at $4.99.

Double Chocolate Wafer Cookies

Speaking of snacks, Trader Joe’s is also a popular place to stock up on sweet treats like chocolate and cookies. This month, they released their new Double Chocolate Wafer Cookies to mixed reviews.

Many shoppers seem to feel that these wafers aren’t anything to write home about:

Surprisingly, some shoppers have commented on an unsettling aftertaste in these cookies. This user isn’t the only one to comment on the strange and troubling flavor:

Classic Bitters

If you’ve never had bitters before, I recommend trying them out. Delicious when added to a simple cocktail, sparkling mineral water, or some vanilla ice cream, bitters are a traditional concoction used to add flavor and stimulate healthy digestion. Trader Joe’s just released their own version of Classic Bitters, and I’m so curious what they taste like.

According to some shoppers who have managed to get their hands on a bottle already, the flavor is primarily cinnamon with a slight hint of star anise or clove. Each 3.38-oz bottle is sold for $4.99.

Riced Hearts of Palm

Palm hearts are derived from the core of certain types of palm trees grown primarily in Costa Rica and the Amazon. Trader Joe’s new Rice Hearts of Palm meal combines palm hearts with rice and several other vegetables for a healthy vegetarian entree. Vegan and gluten free, this meal has the potential to be both delicious and filling. Each 9-oz box is priced at $3.49.

Italian-Style Wedding Soup

Made with veggies, meatballs, chicken broth, and acini de pepe (pasta), Trader Joe’s Italian-Style Wedding Soup looks rustic and homemade in its large glass jar. Each 22-oz jar is available for $4.99 and is sourced from Canada.

Unfortunately, despite looking very rich and flavorful at first glance, shoppers seem to agree that this new soup is on the bland side:

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