Gift Card Buying Guide at Trader Joe’s (In-Store + Online)

It may be the season, but we don’t need reasons to gift our loved ones. Trader Joe’s did us all a solid by dropping gifting ideas. Based on this, if you ever wanted to know whether Trader Joe’s sells gift cards and groceries, search no further. We will get you up to speed.

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Gift Cards?

Yes, Trader Joe’s does sell gift cards to their own store. They are exclusively available in-store and cannot be bought online. Trader Joe’s does not sell gift cards for other stores.


Trader Joe’s insists on only issuing and accepting physical gift cards at their actual stores. Their gift cards are not distributed nor accepted in printable or digital formats. With that said, if you want to get a Trader Joe’s gift card, you may visit one of their stores near you.

Where Can you Get Trader Joe’s Gift Cards? 

A Trader Joe’s gift card may only be purchased by visiting one of their brick-and-mortar locations. Also, because Trader Joe’s does not have an online presence, they must be redeemed in person.

Does Trader Joe’s have e-gift cards?

Only physical gift cards are issued and valid at Trader Joe’s. This indicates neither e-gift cards, online gift cards, nor digital gift certificates are issued. So, if you want to gift someone a Trader Joe’s gift card, you may buy it at a Trader Joe’s store.

Can you buy a Trader Joe’s gift card online?

No, you cannot buy Trader Joe’s gift card online. If you ever encounter Trader Joe’s gift cards being sold online, they are a scam. Trader Joe’s issued an announcement back in April 2020 in response to fraudulent gift cards, online coupons, and discount offers circulating on the internet. They stated that they have no connection with the organizations or individuals misappropriating the Trader Joe’s brand.

Do other stores sell Trader Joe’s gift cards?

Trader Joe’s does not offer gift cards anywhere else at this time. They also do not sell the gift cards of other stores like Walgreens / CVS / Walmart / Target.

How do Trader Joe’s gift cards work? 

  • Trader Joe’s gift cards are redeemable only in their store
  • Trader Joe’s gift cards allow you to spend some money for free at their grocery store.
  • Trader Joe’s gift cards cannot be printed or digitalized.
  • You cannot shop online with Trader Joe’s gift cards.
  • The use of physical gift cards by Trader Joe’s is based on customer safety.

How much can you load in a Trader Joe’s gift card?

The maximum limit that can get loaded on a gift card presently is $100. They have gift cards ranging from $5 – $100 in increments of $1. A customer’s option to buy multiple gift cards is unrestricted. You could load however many gift cards as you wish to your account.

You may use the amount to purchase any products available at Trader Joe’s store, even alcohol. Nonetheless, you must be 21 years old to buy alcohol and will need to produce identification.

How to Check Trader Joe’s Gift Card Balance

You have two ways to check the balance on a Trader Joe’s gift card:

  • Call the customer support phone number – 1-888-556-6450
  • In person, by approaching a cashier and inquiring.

If you visit the store, bring your gift card, as the customer service person will want your PIN and card number to verify your balance. The back of the card has this information.

What Can You Buy With a Trader Joe’s Gift card?

The gift cards can be used to purchase any of the items offered at Trader Joe’s shop, including alcohol. Trader Joe’s defines itself as the neighborhood grocery store. But being different from conventional supermarkets Trader Joe’s offers select items of about 4000+ products such as:

  • Imported foods
  • Gourmet
  • Organic
  • Frozen Foods
  • Vegetarian
  • Alcohol both imported and domestic.
  • Personal hygiene products including home cleansers, vitamins etc.
  • Pet feeds
  • Plants and flowers are examples of non-food products they sell.

Can You Use a Trader Joe’s Gift Card on Instacart?

Various grocery delivery services will pick from Trader Joe’s for you and bring the products to your home. Although Instacart is a well-known brand in the market, it does not currently offer shopping services from Trader Joe’s.

Can Trader Joe’s Gift Cards Be Used At All Locations?

You may use your Trader Joe’s gift card to shop at any Trader Joe’s store.

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Gift Cards for Other Stores?

Trader Joe’s does not sell gift cards for other stores and their gift cards are not redeemable at other stores.


a. Where can I find a Trader Joe’s gift card number?

The gift card number is available behind the card. The customer care representative or store clerk will need your PIN and card number to verify your balance.

 b. Do Trader Joe’s gift cards expire? 

There is no expiration date on a Trader Joe’s gift card. No matter how much time passes, the money that has been deposited into the gift card will stay intact. Simply keep your card in good shape so that it may be scanned without difficulty by the machine.

c. Can you send a Trader Joe’s gift card electronically?

No, you cannot send or receive a Traders Joe’s card electronically.

d. Can you use Trader Joe’s gift card at Aldi?

No, a Trader’s Joe card is valid only in a Trader Joe’s store and is not accepted at Aldi.

Closing Thoughts

Trader Joe’s may have merely been in business for a little more than 50 years, yet that has not deterred this renowned grocery store from growing in leaps and bounds.

Their USP seems to be exclusivity. The fact is Trader Joe’s does not provide any weekly promotions, offers, discounts, or coupons. So, using a store gift card is one way for shoppers to win. It’s worth noting, though, that these gift cards may only be bought and utilized in their brick-and-mortar stores.

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