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Egg Salad $4.99/10 Oz

Trader Joe's Egg Salad

  • Trader Joe’s Egg Salad has been improved in both recipe and presentation, embodying the Japanese philosophy of kaizen, or continuous improvement, featuring cage-free eggs, mayonnaise, and Dijon mustard, enhanced with celery, green onions, and seasonings for a creamy and crunchy texture.
  • This versatile egg salad can be enjoyed on its own, in a sandwich with French Brioche and Little Gem Lettuce, as lettuce wraps, or as a snack on toasted baguette slices, demonstrating its adaptability to various meal options.


  • The salad contains hard-cooked eggs, celery, mayonnaise (with canola oil, eggs, apple cider vinegar, mustard, and lemon juice), green onion, Dijon mustard, parsley, white wine vinegar, sea salt, dried onion, and black pepper.

Nutrition Facts

  • One serving of the product (1/2 cup or 100g) contains 220 calories, with 19g of total fat (24% DV), 3g of saturated fat (15% DV), 220mg of cholesterol (73% DV), and 330mg of sodium (14% DV).
  • It has 3g of total carbohydrates (1% DV), less than 1g of dietary fiber, 2g of total sugars, 7g of protein, and provides 6% DV of Vitamin D, 4% DV of Calcium, 8% DV of Iron, and 4% DV of Potassium.

Joe’s Os Cereal Bars $2.99/4.23 Oz

Trader Joe's Joe's O's Cereal Bars

  • Trader Joe’s Joe’s Os Peanut Butter Cereal Bars combine Joe’s Os Cereal with roasted peanuts and peanut butter, topped with a peanut-flavored coating, offering a balance of sweet, salty, crunchy, and chewy tastes.
  • These cereal bars are versatile, perfect for on-the-go snacking any time of day, serving as a satisfying treat for morning commutes, afternoon snacks, or a post-workout or practice energy boost.


  • The bars are made with peanut-flavored coating, dry roasted peanuts, toasted oats cereal (with vitamins and minerals), agave syrup, inulin, peanut butter, and less than 2% of other ingredients like water, glycerin, and natural flavors, preserved with mixed tocopherols and rosemary extract. Contains milk, soy, wheat, and peanut; may contain traces of other nuts and egg

Nutrition Facts

  • Each 24g bar contains 120 calories, with 6g of total fat (8% DV), 2g of saturated fat (10% DV), 14g of carbohydrates (5% DV), 3g of protein, and is high in dietary fiber at 3g (11% DV).
  • The bar has 70mg of sodium (3% DV), 7g of total sugars with 6g added sugars (12% DV), and provides minor amounts of essential nutrients like iron (6% DV) and potassium (2% DV).

Organic Couscous $1.79/12 Oz

Trader Joe's Organic Couscous

  • Trader Joe’s Organic Couscous, a staple of North African cuisine with historical roots dating back centuries, is now available and is made from organic wheat sourced in the United States, offering a mild flavor and delicate texture.
  • This versatile couscous is easy to prepare, either in the microwave or stove-top by boiling with broth and butter, and serves as a perfect complement to various dishes like grilled salmon and Shawarma Chicken Thighs, ready in just five minutes.


  • Trader Joe’s Organic Couscous is made solely from organic durum wheat semolina.

Nutrition Facts

  • One serving of the couscous (1/4 cup dry or 45g) provides 170 calories, with 35g of carbohydrates (13% DV), 2g of dietary fiber (7% DV), and 6g of protein, containing no fats, cholesterol, sodium, or added sugars.
  • The product contains minimal amounts of essential nutrients, including iron (2% DV) and potassium (2% DV), with no significant content of Vitamin D or calcium.

Dulce de Leche Ice Cream $3.79/1 Pint

Trader Joe's Dulce de Leche Ice Cream

  • Trader Joe’s Dulce de Leche Ice Cream, made from milk and sugar caramelized into a rich, condensed milk flavor, offers a creamy texture with a deep, sweet caramel taste, embodying simplicity and depth in each pint.
  • This ice cream features a caramel base with swirls of Dulce de Leche, creating a rich and full-flavored experience, perfect for enjoying alone or in desserts like sundaes, banana splits, or milkshakes.


  • Trader Joe’s Dulce de Leche Ice Cream is made with cream, milk, cane sugar, nonfat milk, tapioca syrup, egg yolks, butter, salt, sodium bicarbonate, natural vanilla flavor, pectin, carob bean gum, and guar gum, containing milk and egg.

Nutrition Facts

  • A 2/3 cup serving (123g) of the ice cream contains 300 calories, with 14g of total fat (18% DV), including 8g of saturated fat (40% DV), and a high sugar content with 33g of total sugars, including 28g of added sugars (56% DV).
  • It also provides 5g of protein, with significant amounts of calcium (160mg, 10% DV) and lower levels of Vitamin D (0.9mcg, 4% DV), iron (0.2mg, 2% DV), and potassium (170mg, 4% DV).

Ivy’s Reserve Somerset Red Cheese $5.49/7 Oz

Ivy's Reserve Somerset Red Cheese

  • Ivy’s Reserve Somerset Red Cheese is described as “nutty, mellow, and moreish,” with a unique burnt-orange color, firm texture, and complex flavors developed over 12 months of aging by award-winning cheesemakers.
  • It is produced by Wyke Farms in a carbon-neutral process, utilizing sustainable resources like solar and biogas, making it an environmentally conscious choice featured in Trader Joe’s April 2024 Spotlight Cheese selection.

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