5 Things You Should Not Buy at Kroger (+What you Should)

Everyone loves a good deal, especially when shopping for food. However, don’t be fooled by the “low prices” and the great selection of quality goods you get from Kroger.

In fact, there are some items that you should not buy from Kroger. In this post, I’ll mention some of these items and it might be better to avoid them.

What is Kroger Known for?

Kroger is known for its many outlets, affordable prices, and a wide selection of products like groceries, meat, bakery, dairy, frozen foods, health and beauty care, and more.

Kroger offers very competitive in-price shopping compared to other retailers. For example, Kroger’s groceries are more affordable than those at Meijer.

Kroger has subsidiaries that operate supermarkets and multi-department stores throughout the US. They include Fred Meyers, Fry’s, Gerbes, Jay C Food Store, King Soopers, Mariano’s, Metro Market, etc.

The company offers curbside pickup and home delivery on thousands of items, including groceries and household essentials. You can use your Kroger account to shop online for home delivery, in-store checkout, or curbside pickup.

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5 Things You Should Not Buy at Kroger

1) Gift Cards

Kroger gift cards are an example of Kroger’s “loss leader” strategy. The store uses them to get you in the door, hoping that you’ll pick up other items while you’re shopping.

According to a study by First Data US: FDC, you’re most likely to spend more with a gift card than the gift card’s value.

Another reason to avoid buying gift cards at Kroger is that most of them end up unused, therefore losing money. A survey conducted by Bankrate shows that more than half of the US adult population have unused gift cards with a total value of $15 billion.

2) Fuel at normal price

If you are a dedicated customer at Kroger, you are eligible to earn fuel points which lets you buy fuel at a discount. The Kroger loyalty program helps you save on gas every time you shop.

You also earn fuel points on gift cards, at their pharmacy, and online purchases. When you redeem these points, you can buy fuel at a reduced price.

3) Prescription drugs

If you are looking for a deal on prescription drugs, Kroger is not the best place to shop. A Consumer Reports survey found that shoppers pay an average of $50 more in a month for prescriptions.

Although you may not feel the pinch if you are paying through insurance, it’s best to shop around for the best prices. Drugstore chains tend to offer better deals than grocery stores.

4) Pre-cut foods

Most stores hike prices of pre-cut foods, and Kroger is no exception. For example, according to a study by consumer reports, pre-wrapped and pre-cooked potatoes cost around $3.11. However, the price of unprepared potatoes is approximately $1.26 per pound – a 147% difference.

Buying 10oz of pre-cut red onions at Kroger will cost you $3.29. Buying the same amount of uncut onions costs you about $2, saving you $1.29 or 39%.

5) Meat and Seafood

Kroger’s meat and seafood department is no place to be spontaneous. Their selection can be pretty hit or miss, with prices that aren’t always the best deal in town. However, if you stick to their weekly sales, it’s possible to get a reasonable price on cuts they’re trying to move out of their inventory.

To get the best deals on seafood, consider shopping around at different stores for the lowest prices before purchasing.

What Products are Good at Kroger?

1) Bakery Products

Kroger’s bakery produces fresh baked goods daily, including bread, pastries, cakes, pies, and more. Their freshly made donuts are especially popular with customers.

2) Gas

When you use a Kroger Plus Card, you earn 1 point for every $1 spent in the store and 10 cents off per gallon of gas for every 100 points earned. Here’s how it works: You’ll earn a fuel points coupon once you spend $100 in eligible purchases in any one month. You can later use the coupon to purchase gas at Kroger gas stations during the next month.

3) Kroger coconut & caramel fudge cookies

If you like coconut and caramel, this Kroger product is for you. These cookies are pretty popular in Kroger stores because of their sweet taste and crunchiness. Their cookies are an excellent choice if you like to snack after dinner or after getting home from work.

4) Friday’s freebies

Kroger offers freebies on Fridays, including products from Kroger, plus a few other brands. If you haven’t taken advantage of this program yet, it’s pretty simple. Just sign in to your Kroger account and then load the freebie coupon to your account.

The store will deduct the item’s price from your total at checkout. The offer is available on Fridays only in participating stores.

5) Deli rotisserie chicken

A rotisserie chicken is an easy way to get dinner if you’re short on time. Kroger’s deli chickens are big and juicy, and they cost less than the raw birds in the meat department. You can find them at most grocery stores, but a few Kroger stores have a unique setup where you can buy several in bulk – for less.

Kroger Product Reviews

Like all businesses, Kroger enjoys mixed reviews of its products. Below are some of the reviews posted by Kroger customers.

According to a review posted by Brooke A. on Sitejabber, Kroger’s products are not always fresh.

On a more positive note, one customer loves Kroger’s products and prices, as posted on Trustpilot.com.

Kroger Stores Near You

Kroger has over 2700 store locations in 35 states. To find the nearest Kroger store, visit Kroger.com and use the “Find a Store” feature on the home page. Enter a ZIP code or city, state. Click the “Search” button to find Kroger stores in the area.

Most Kroger stores are open between 6 am to 12 am. Some select stores operate for 24 hours throughout the week.


What is the best day to shop at Kroger?

Kroger’s best deals are on Fridays and Wednesdays. For the most pleasant shopping experience, avoid crowded aisles and long checkout lines by visiting on Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday mornings.

Is it worth shopping at Kroger?

Kroger is a great place to shop if you’re looking for a deal or a specific product. The chain’s in-store sales are frequent, and the store offers several ways to save, including digital coupons.

There is also a fuel program that rewards shoppers with discounts at the pump and weekly special offers on certain items. You can place your orders online via Kroger.com or the Kroger app and have them delivered or use their curbside pickup services.

Who makes Kroger’s brand products?

Kroger manufactures and sells its brands, including dairy products, bakery, and grocery items. Kroger owns 38 plants that manufacture approximately 40% of its private brands. These companies also manufacture about 60% of the center store products.

What is Kroger’s pickup phone number?

You can reach Kroger’s pickup on 1-800-576-4377.

Is Kroger a good grocery store?

Kroger is a great place to shop for food, especially for those on a budget. They have a wide selection of meats and produce and are very affordable. According to a recent survey, Kroger is the third most popular grocery store in the US behind Trader Joe’s and Aldi.

Does Kroger have good meat?

Kroger has some of the best quality meat in town. They have a wide variety of options, including freshly cut steaks, pork chops, chicken breasts, and ground beef.


Kroger is a good company with excellent and affordable things. However, some things are just not worth buying there. You can save money on prescription drugs by buying elsewhere and avoiding Kroger’s pre-cut foods.

On the plus side, you can buy other great stuff from Kroger, such as bakery products and coconut and caramel cookies. If you are a regular customer, you’ll enjoy great offers on fuel and Friday freebies. Knowing what to buy and not buy at Kroger will save you time and money.

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