New Product Alert! Trader Joe’s Naples Style Sfogliatella Pastry

What Is Sfogliatella?

Sfogliatella (sometimes called “lobster tail” or sfogliatelle) is a traditional Italian pastry made from layers of buttery pastry dough and a sweet cream filling.

Just last week, Trader Joe’s released their own version of sfogliatella in stores, and TJ’s shoppers can’t stop talking about it. The filling on the TJ’s Sfogliatella is made with ricotta cheese and candied orange, giving it a unique and rich flavor.

Sfogliatella Pastry

TJ’s Naples Style Sfogliatella Pastry

We first heard about this exciting new TJ’s product via the unofficial r/traderjoes page on Reddit, where it was announced as a new product find on April 13th, 2023. 

Found in the frozen dessert section near the ice cream, four-count boxes of Trader Joe’s Sfogliatella Pastry are currently available for $4.99.

Trader Joe’s also sells bags of frozen Eggplant Parmigiana Sfogliatelle, which are mini lobster tail pastries filled with cheese, tomato, and eggplant (yum). That savory product was first released in 2022 to rave reviews from customers…

Sfogliatella Pastry Review 5

Ingredients & Calories

Unfortunately, because this is such a new product, we haven’t been able to get our hands on the official ingredients and nutrition information just yet. Trader Joe’s has yet to list the product on their website, and no one else has shared the info online. When I tried to find these pastries at my local TJ’s, I came up empty handed.

That said, we do know that these pastries are made with lots of dairy, in both the dough and the filling. And it’s also safe to assume that the dough is made with wheat flour. So, these pastries are most certainly not vegan or gluten free. 

TJ’s Fans Are Giving These Pastries High Marks

Reddit has already flooded with reviews from customers who have managed to get their hands on one of the first boxes of these decadent Italian treats.

This Reddit user gives these cream-filled pastries a respectable 8/10…

Sfogliatella Pastry Review 4

This Redditor shares about preparing their sfogliatella in the air fryer, which seems to have worked great…

Sfogliatella Pastry Review 3

That said, not everyone is sold on these new TJ’s pastries, like this Reddit user who was a bit disappointed…

Sfogliatella Pastry Review 1

Yet again, someone responded to their review, implying that maybe the original reviewer isn’t very familiar with what sfogliatella is supposed to taste like…

Sfogliatella Pastry Review 2

Finally, this Reddit user calls TJ’s Sfogliatella one of the best desserts they’ve ever had from Trader Joe’s…

Sfogliatella Pastry Review 6

Reviews really don’t get better than that, folks.



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