Does Trader Joe’s Sell Sushi in 2022?

Trader Joe’s sushi was recalled back in 2019 for possible Listeria contamination and has since been discontinued in the store. We all know that grocery store sushi isn’t as high-quality as that on offer elsewhere, but here’s everything you need to know about Trader Joe’s sushi and sushi ingredients.

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Sushi Anymore?

At the time of writing, Trader Joe’s does not currently offer any sushi products. Although the store formerly stocked products such as Trader Joe’s California rolls and shrimp spring rolls, the negative reviews from customers and Listeria scare saw the products disappear from shelves.

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Why Did Trader Joe’s Stop Selling Sushi?

Grocery store sushi isn’t typically the best, but Trader Joe’s sushi was seen as among the worst of a bad bunch.

Trader Joe’s sushi was not made in-store and was therefore not as fresh as that you can buy at local markets. Customers were unhappy with the low-quality product, with many complaining the rice tastes unusual.

Added to this is the Listeria scare in 2019, mentioned above. This saw ten different products being recalled due to a possible risk of contamination, and 30 states were affected. Just some of the products that were possibly contaminated included Tempura Shrimp Crunch Rolls and California rolls.

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Sushi-grade Fish?

It’s possible to eat Trader Joe’s ahi tuna raw, so long as it is labeled sushi-grade. Similarly, Trader Joe’s fans can eat salmon raw so long as it has sushi-grade or sashimi-grade printed on the label.

Take care when preparing Trader Joe’s sushi-grade fish, and ensure you eat it as fresh as possible after purchase.

Does Trader Joe’s Have Sushi Rice?

Yes, Calrose rice is available to buy at Trader Joe’s, and this is perfect for making your own sushi.

This medium-grain Asian rice is pretty versatile and can also be used in dishes such as risotto and paella. It’s one of the best grocery store options when it comes to sushi rice, so go ahead and stock up!

However, if you prefer brown rice, you’re out of luck. Don’t worry; you’ll find it on sale at Whole Foods instead.

Does Trader Joe’s Have Seaweed for Sushi?

Seaweed products are available to buy at Trader Joe’s, but they are not the best kind for making your own sushi.

You can find seaweed snacks, which are difficult to roll to make sushi with, and Furikake seasoning, which is excellent for adding flavor to Japanese dishes but can’t be used to make sushi rolls.

Do They Have Sushi Ingredients?

Here are some of the sushi ingredients Trader Joe’s shoppers can find on sale in the supermarket:

So, although Trader Joe’s discontinued the sale of their ready-to-eat sushi and fan-favorite Gyoza dipping sauce, there are still plenty of ingredients you can find here to prepare your favorite sushi dishes at home.

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Chopsticks?

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, you won’t be able to find chopsticks on sale in this supermarket. Instead, you can buy them from Walmart or at an Asian supermarket.

So, Where Else Do You Find Good Sushi and Sushi Ingredients?

It’s best to visit high-quality grocery stores if you want to buy sashimi-grade ingredients to make your own dishes to be eaten raw. Here are some stores you can visit or shop with online to find the ingredients to make sushi at home:

Alternatively, the best grocery store sushi can be found in Whole Foods, according to many customers who have tried the various grocery competitors. Whole Foods also offers ingredients such as brown rice and fish, including tuna and salmon which are safe to eat raw.

Wegmans is another great grocery shop offering premade sushi in a variety of flavors. Whether you prefer a tuna sushi roll or a California roll, Wegmans has plenty on offer to keep you coming back for more.

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