15 New Trader Joe’s Holiday Arrivals This Winter

Trader Joe’s Sharable Shortbread French Butter Cookie $7.99/13.39 Oz

Trader Joe's Sharable Shortbread French Butter Cookie

Winter Wake Up Tea $2.79/20 Bag

Trader Joe's Winter Wake Up Tea steeping in two mugs, a plate of Macaron cookies next to them

Sparkling White Chardonnay Grape Juice $3.99/25.36 Fl Oz

Trader Joe's Sparkling White Chardonnay Grape Juice; festive lights and gold ribbons, several flutes filled with sparkling juice

Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream Trio $7.99/3 Oz

Trader Joe's Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream Trio

Gummy Bear Flavored Lip Duo $6.99/1 Each

Several boxes of Trader Joe's Gummy Bear Flavored Lip Duo surrounded by confetti and holiday garlands


Vegan Gingerbread Loaf $4.99/15 Oz

Trader Joe's Vegan Gingerbread Loaf; shown as close up vertical slices, package in background

Raisin Walnut Apple Bars $5.99/20 Oz

Trader Joe's Raisin Walnut Apple Bars; shown on wood surface - many bars surrounded by raisins, walnuts and apple pieces

Cinnamon Bun Inspired Pancake & Waffle Mix $3.99/16 Oz

Trader Joe's Cinnamon Bun Inspired Pancake & Waffle Mix

Baked Lemon Ricotta Cheese $13.99/1 Lb

Trader Joe's Baked Lemon Ricotta Cheese on a cheese board, with ginger thins cookies and raspberry jam

Scalloped Cracker Trio $3.99/16.4 Oz

Trader Joe's Scalloped Cracker Trio; shown decorated in circles around 3 cheeses; on wood board

Jingle Jangle $9.99/22.7 Oz

Trader Joe's Jingle Jangle spilling out of its tin onto a festive surface with red linen and pine branches

Pretzel Bread Pudding $4.49/7.6 Oz

Trader Joe's Pretzel Bread Pudding; three on small plates, in various stages of being eaten; on blue surface

Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s $3.99/16 Oz

Trader Joe's Candy Cane Joe-Joe's, on white wood surface scattered with broken candy cane pieces and winter berry branches

Apple Crumble Pie $7.99/27.161 Oz

Trader Joe's Apple Crumble Pie; on a serving plate with slice askew, two plates with slices of pie and scoop of ice cream on the side

Something Spritzy $1.99/12 Fl Oz

Trader Joe's Something Spritzy Sparkling Festive Beverage; serveral drinks on gold tray, garnished with fresh cranberries, and slices of orange and grapefruit; white background





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