Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter Guide

If you’re a fan of affordable body care products, then you’re probably already familiar with Trader Joe’s line of lotions, body butters, facial cleansers, and more. Ever since its debut release in 2021, Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter has been a super popular product, and the company has even decided to bring it back as a recurring offering due to high demand. Keep reading to find out all about this well-loved body butter.

Trader Joe's Brazil Nut Body Butter Jar

Made from luscious tropical ingredients including coconut oil, guarana, and shea butter, Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter is a rich, nourishing cream designed to soothe the skin and smell amazing at the same time.

Unlike some heavy body butters, this one has a fairly light texture and absorbs into the skin within seconds. The scent is delicious when first applied, but it doesn’t linger on the skin for too long. For an 8 oz. container, this body butter is priced at $5.99.

Is Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter Limited Edition?

Originally, Trader Joe’s released their Brazil Nut Body Butter as a limited product in June 2022. However, due to its instant popularity, they brought it back in September 2021 to satisfy demand. They are now scheduled to re-release the product in June 2021, and it will likely remain a seasonal product available in the summertime moving forward. If there is enough consistent demand, it’s possible that it could become a year-round product at some point, but so far, there is no indication that that will happen.

Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter Vs. Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

The main reason why Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter has gained popularity so quickly is because it’s being talked about as a “dupe” for the more expensive Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. A “dupe” is a beauty product that adequately imitates a more expensive product while being available at a more affordable price.

As far as we can tell, Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter is actually a pretty convincing dupe for Sol de Janeiro’s pricier cream. The main differences we’ve noted are that Bum Bum Cream is thicker in consistency, so it sits on the skin for a bit longer, while Trader Joe’s version soaks in more easily. If you prefer a lighter skin cream, then you’ll love Trader Joe’s alternative. Also, the scent of the Trader Joe’s version fades away a bit quicker than the scent of the Bum Bum Cream, which can be a benefit if you’d rather not be walking in a cloud of fragrance all day.

Alternative Lotions At Trader Joe’s You Might Like

Since Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter isn’t available right now, we thought we’d put together a list of other creams and body butters that you can check out in the meantime.

Other Trader Joe’s body butters and creams that are similar to their Brazil Nut Body Butter include:

Trader Joes Coconut Body Butter

Trader Joes Ultra Hydrating Gel Moisturizer

Trader Joes Hydrating Hyaluronic Body Gel Cream

All of these moisturizers are deeply hydrating and stand among the most popular body care products sold at Trader Joe’s. The closest alternative to Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter that’s currently available in stores is Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter, which is available for the same price and contains some of the same ingredients.


Is Trader Joe’s still selling Brazil Nut Body Butter?

Yes! Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter is a seasonal product, originally introduced in June 2021. It is scheduled to return to store shelves in June 2022.

What does Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body butter smell like?

Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter is made with tropical ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter and is scented with orange peel extract, grapefruit extract, and lemon peel extract, to name a few. These ingredients combine to create a tropical, nutty, and citrusy fragrance that will make you feel like you’re sitting on a beach in the sun.

Is Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter a good dupe?

According to a review by Erika Marie of, Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter is a fairly decent dupe for Brazilian Bum Bum Cream.

How long does it take for Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter to work?

This depends on what kind of results you’re trying to get out of the product. In terms of immediate results, Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter is light and moisturizing, so it soaks into the skin quickly and provides instant relief from dry skin. If you are looking for longer term results, then using the cream consistently would be a good idea.


After talking about Trader Joe’s Brazil Nut Body Butter for all this time, now we can’t wait for June! This luxurious, moisturizing cream puts up some stiff competition against some far pricier body products, and we can’t wait to try it out for ourselves this summer.

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